V4C233 – Sincerely Convinced

“Hmph, of course! It should be my rule here!” Xu Qingwei said coldly, “I built the Dark Tribe! Soon, I will become the supreme lord of this world, and Zhao Yanyan will also be mine! Although she is second-hand, I don’t care! Haha, she is my dream! Even though there is a gap between dreams and reality, I will surely make her fall in love with me! Because you will no longer exist!”

“What the heck are you talking about?” I looked at Xu Qingwei who seemed to be turning crazy and said, “Do you think I will allow you to make a comeback?”

“Allow me to make a comeback? That’s laughable! When the time comes, it’s you who won’t have a chance to make a comeback!” Xu Qingwei said with a maniacal smile, “Liu Lei, do you think I will leave you any leeway?”

I looked at Xu Qingwei and shook my head. This man was incurable! If he had shown a bit of remorse, I might have let him go, but now, he can’t blame me for being impolite!

However, Xu Qingwei didn’t seem to have any intention to let me go.

“Liu Lei, do you think I only had those chess pieces?” Xu Qingwei said with a smile, “Humph, Yu Gang, that guy, was just there to confuse your line of sight. Did you take him seriously?”

I knew that what Xu Qingwei said might just be the truth. How could a person like Yu Gang be the ultimate Boss? But what could be Xu Qingwei’s final trick? Did he still have any more chess pieces? The people around me don’t have to be doubted, while the other chess pieces, no matter how many he has, can do nothing against me. So, what is he even going to do?

“Liu Lei, you don’t have to waste time thinking further. Even if you racked your brain thinking, you wouldn’t find out that when I was developing those weapons for you, I already left myself a leeway selfishly. The weapons I have already a generation ahead of what you have! Originally, I hadn’t planned to kill you immediately as I planned to borrow your subordinates in the development of the Bright Flame World before killing you! But now that you know about my plan, I can’t keep you alive!” Xu Qingwei sneered.

“Good, I had indeed underestimated you!” I said and waved my hand, shooting an energy beam towards Xu Qingwei’s brain. I decided to turn him into an idiot and let him fend for himself.

But suddenly, something strange happened! Even though my energy came into contact with Xu Qingwei’s body, nothing happened!

“It’s useless, Liu Lei. Yu Gang could only interfere with your Spiritual Power, while I can completely defend myself!” Xu Qingwei said with a massive grin, “Hahaha, you never thought of this, did you? The clothes I am wearing are a layer of armor!”

I frowned. I didn’t expect Xu Qingwei to be so cunning to still have a hand he had to play. He had conducted quite some suspicious studies!

“Liu Lei, it’s time for you to die! Don’t hesitate, you must have some last words to say?” Xu Qingwei said with a crazy expression, “Oh, right, I can take care of your women for you. Haha!”

“Do you only know how to laugh?” I looked at Xu Qingwei coldly.

“Good! Since you want to die like this, I will fulfill your wish!” Seeing me still have a calm expression, Xu Qingwei said with disdain, “Look toward the sky!”

Xu Qingwei raised his hand and pointed towards a warship which immediately turned into a flaming orb.

“What is your ability worth? Your abilities are no longer comparable to advanced technology!” Xu Qingwei said pridefully, “Do you think your abilities are invincible? Wrong! Look at me… Just this thin layer of armor is all I need to kill you easily!”

I looked at Xu Qingwei and shook my head with some regret. This guy could be considered a technological genius. Just that, his ambition is too big, and his pursuit for power and women has led him to madness! He is almost insane!

“What? You don’t believe me?” Seeing my gaze that seemed to be looking down on him, Xu Qingwei became enraged. Immediately, he pointed towards a hill and the hill disappeared into nothing.

“I believe you, how could I not believe you?” I smiled, “But you are too self-confident. You were able to have weapons a generation ahead of our lab using the blueprints I gave you, so do you believe I don’t have any other secret weapon?”

“You? Boss Liu, it’s not that I am looking down on you! In our past life, we worked as colleagues for such a long time, and I am quite clear on how your talent lay in using people and management, not in technology! Without exaggerating, it won’t be wrong to say you have no sense for innovation and technology! As for you coming up with advanced technology from the future, we both know it was just a cheat as you were reborn, and also got your hands on extraterrestrial technology somehow! As for you, what have you invented yourself? Hmph, you have a secret weapon? Even if you kill me, I won’t believe!” Xu Qingwei sneered.

“Indeed, I am no good at this stuff! But it doesn’t mean others aren’t either! You also said I am good at using people!” I said with a smile.

“Others? Are you kidding me? Here, you only have two tech geniuses, Sun Sikong and I. As for Sun Sikong’s technology, I am quite clear about it! Well, I must thank you. If you hadn’t given me that opportunity, I would never have had a chance to kill you in my life!” Xu Qingwei said.

“Oh, well, since you don’t believe me, I can’t do anything!” I shook my head and said, “Lyles, come out, I will hand this guy over to you!”

Suddenly, a small silverish, saucer-like spaceship spinning rapidly appeared in the sky. From the spaceship, a ray of light was projected towards Xu Qingwei.

“Xu Qingwei, do you still have any moves left?” I looked at Xu Qingwei, who had already gone man, and shook my head.

“You… Liu Lei, what is this! Impossible, how can you have something still up your sleeves? Who are those people? I already investigated, you have no other research base on earth except for ours!” Xu Qingwei said with incredulity.

“Yeah, that’s right, I only had that one research base with you!” I nodded.

“Then, they are…?” Xu Qingwei looked at the small flying saucer-shaped object in the sky! He knew that although the thing appeared to be small, it had incredible power! He couldn’t comprehend how advanced it was compared to the things he had researched!

“Oh, they are my friends, Lyles and Corlett, from Nima World!” I said with a confident smile, “All of our extraterrestrial technology was provided by them. So, do you believe you can be more advanced than them?”

“What! Aliens!” Xu Qingwei looked at me panic-strickenly, “Liu Lei, even after considering everything, I would have never thought you would get aliens to help you! Liu Lei, I have lost, and I recognize my loss! This time, I am sincerely convinced. You are indeed born to be a leader, you can make good use of all resources! In this aspect, I lost and am inferior to you!”