V4C231 – Unexpectedly, It’s Him!

“Hehe, so you can’t guess? Even if you racked your brain, you wouldn’t be able to think of it!” The mysterious man laughed and said, “Is it very painful? You thought everything was under control, yet now, you realize how wrong your thinking had been all this time! That everything was completely different!”

“What do you want to do?” I got enraged looking at the mysterious man acting like that. I didn’t like people being so arrogant in front of me.

“What I want to do? Simple! Hand over all your territory on the Yan Huang World, the two scientists by your side, and also, leave behind your women!” The mysterious man said with a laugh.

“You… since you know of my situation, aren’t you afraid of my Special Abilities?” I asked.

“Afraid? Originally, I was very afraid, but here, your Special Abilities are nullified! I am wearing the latest protective equipment right now, so your Special Abilities can’t do anything to me!” The mysterious man said with disdain.

“Well, since you are so confident, then let me see who you are. So that I can lose understanding why!” I said calmly.

“Alright, I will satisfy this little wish of yours,” the mysterious man said as he took off the bamboo hat and revealed his appearance!

He is… Unexpectedly, it’s it!

“Are you surprised? Is it inconceivable? Isn’t it? You finally understand why I caught Chen Yong and Chen Wei’er, right? Hahaha!” The voice of the mysterious person had returned to normal, but it sounded very harsh!

It was Yu Gang! {TL: Yu Gang was the guy who wanted to buy Chen Wei’er’s first night for 80,000 Yuan!}

At least, his head was that of Yu Gang!

“Yu Gang!” I was indeed surprised. I had never imagined the mysterious person to be someone of such little significance! I hadn’t even thought about this guy!

“Hehe, still remember me!” Yu Gang laughed, “Motherfucker, Liu Lei, I finally got you today! Look at what you have turned me into! First, you took away Chen Wei’er from my hands! Then you seriously injured me! Now, I don’t have even one working body-part from head to toe! I even have to use this mechanical armor to walk! I hate you to death!

Oh, are you very confused right now? Then I will dispel your doubts! Do you want to know why I found someone to shoot Guo Qing? It’s because I hate him! I want to kill him! This armor I am wearing is all thanks to him! I have lost the pleasure available to even the most basic man now! It was all thanks to Guo Qing! That’s why I must kill him!

As for Chen Yong, humph, this guy had initially promised to sell his sister to me, yet he reneged and sold her to you! For this kind of betrayal, I had to teach him a lesson!

He! As for Chen Wei’er, it goes without saying! I have been coveting her for a long time now! Although I can’t do her now, I can still keep her as a vase!

And Liu Kesheng, since you betrayed me, you should know the fate of those who betray me!” While speaking, Yu Gang took out a remote control from who knows where, and looked at Liu Kesheng, “Humph! I had already installed a bomb in your body. Haha, like a chess piece, you have to do what a chess piece does! Do you know the fate of an abandoned piece? It’s destruction! I will ruin you first!”

Seeing the remote control in Yu Gang’s hand, Liu Kesheng’s face twitched fiercely. He turned his head to look at me, then he looked at the mysterious man. Clenching his teeth, he suddenly started to curse, “Motherfucker, I, Liu Kesheng, am also a man! Fuck your mom, you aren’t even a man anymore, so why would I want to listen to you?”

“You… How dare you curse me? Before, weren’t you kneeling to me and begging for mercy?” Yu Gang was stunned by Liu Kesheng’s response. He had thought of Liu Kesheng as a timid man, that’s why he had initially taken him in as a chess piece!

“Cursed you? Why, can’t I curse you?” Liu Kesheng walked toward Yu Gang while cursing him, “Not only did I curse you, I am also going to beat you up!”

“Beat me?” Yu Gang laughed, “Good, so what are you going to beat me with?” Saying this, Yu Gang moved around his mechanical arm and said, “Can you even beat me? It’s the most ridiculous joke I have ever heard! With my entire body made of steel, how are you going to win if we fight?”

“Why can’t I?” Liu Kesheng smiled sinisterly and rushed in front of Yu Gang.

“What’s your meaning?” Yu Gang was stunned.

“Get out of the way!” Liu Kesheng suddenly yelled and snatched the remote control from Yu Gang’s hand, pressing the button.

“You are a man of steel, huh? Motherfucker, I don’t believe you aren’t afraid of being blasted by explosives!” Just as Liu Kesheng finished his words, there was a loud “bang”! The bomb exploded and he and Yu Gang were flung in the air.

Yu Gang’s body was an electronic device, so it instantly caught on fire, turning Yu Gang into a man of fire immediately. As for Liu Kesheng, he laid on the ground in a pool of blood!

I never even dreamt of Liu Kesheng using his body to kill someone else! I had a feeling I couldn’t describe? Was I moved? Or was it pity? Or…

Liu Kesheng had also struggled for a long time in his heart before making the final decision!

Liu Kesheng was very clear about the mysterious man’s (Yu Gang) style. He knew the man won’t let him go. So instead of being killed by him, it was better to pull him to hell!

Second, Liu Kesheng wanted to gamble! Since Yu Gang had used some petty trick to seal my powers, it was possible that after he got rid of Yu Gang, my powers would return!

As for the might of my powers, Liu Kesheng was very clear. Xu Ruoyun had almost been killed by Li Boliang, yet I could still save her. So Liu Kesheng was gambling that I will save him!

“Liu Lei… All this time, you must… think that I am just someone who plays petty schemes and tricks and is a coward…? Haha, I, Liu Kesheng, can also be a real man even if one once! Help me tell Zhao Yanyan… Everything before was my wrong…” Liu Kesheng closed his eyes before he could finish his words.

“Liu Kesheng!” A woman screamed and ran to Liu Kesheng’s side…

The person running over was the daughter of Lowell, Xixi Tribe’s former clan head!

“Laura, I can’t make it… I am very happy I got to meet you…” Liu Kesheng said with difficulty.

Was this woman called Laura? I felt it was crazy, but it seems Liu Kesheng had found his one true love. Now that I looked at him, I sympathized with him.

Although I knew Liu Kesheng’s action was done under Yu Gang’s pressure, it was the best choice to drag the enemy down with him! However, this newfound courage in Liu Kesheng made me feel somewhat inconceivable!

After all, Liu Kesheng had always given me the impression of a sinister coward. Every time we engaged in fights, he always pushed others ahead and never came to the frontlines! This was something only those who feared death would do!

The reason why he betrayed Yu Gang this time was because of my formidable strength, and because he felt threatened with Yu Gang behind his back! He had never thought Yu Gang would already know of his betrayal, abandoning him altogether long ago.