V4C229 – Mysterious Person

Chen Wei’er sighed and pretended to be unknowingly touching the third button on her belt.

Far away in Japan, I suddenly received the message from Chen Wei’er in my mind and my heart calmed down a lot.

At least, this proved that nothing dangerous happened to her and she is in good condition. This meaning of the third button was what Chen Wei’er and I had agreed upon beforehand.

The first button indicated she was in a very dangerous situation. If she presses it, I would quickly know her position.

The second button indicated that she was now safe, but she hadn’t seen her brother.

The third button indicated that she was safe, but she had also seen her brother.

Now, it was the signal from the third button that was passed back. Was it really Chen Yong?

If it is Chen Yong, then he will certainly not bring harm to Chen Wei’er, but what exactly does he want to do? Does he want to deal with me, or just wants to bring Chen Wei’er away?

This time, though everything is calm on the surface, who knows what kind of conspiracy Chen Yong is plotting! Moreover, Liu Kesheng on Bright Flame World also gave me a very important piece of information, making me suspect that they all were from the same group!

I didn’t stay in Japan with Wang Shu but directly brought her back to China with me! Now is a very critical time, only when all of my women are together will I be able to rest assured! Otherwise, if something happened to one of them, I will not be able to look after all of them!

I told Wang Shu about some of my matters, and Wang Shu was very embarrassed to go back with me because of my shyness. But after I convinced her with a suitable reason, she readily agreed with joy.

Under my suggestion, the Wang Family’s company in Japan was disposed of and Wang Shu’s parents also returned to China with us!

The curtains to a dark battle slowly opened…


I actually perceived Chen Wei’er’s position to be on Bright Flame World! This confused me. Was my perception wrong? The way Liu Kesheng arrived on Bright Flame World, I understood it clearly. This guy getting there was a pure accident, but if other people wanted to go to Bright Flame World, it won’t be easy, let alone taking Chen Wei’er along!

What were these people plotting? For the first time, I had a feeling of emptiness. The matter had already reached this level, yet I didn’t even know who my enemies were, and what they wanted to do was something even more unknown to me!

I had thought that after Chen Wei’er was kidnapped, the enemies will use her as bait and contact me and tell their conditions. But even after three days, I couldn’t feel any danger around Chen Wei’er, nor had I received any call from anyone. It was like nothing had happened!

Just like how Chen Yong went missing without any follow-up news.

Perhaps, Chen Yong still cared about the sentiments between siblings and didn’t want to go too far when handling the matter of Chen Wei’er. But I could wait no more! If the matter kept on going like this, I might go insane!

Alright, since you people aren’t going to take the initiative to find me, I will go find you! Anyway, I will have to deal with you sooner or later, so there’s no difference if it happens now or sometime later! Perhaps, they were not ready to be enemies with me now, so now was the best time to destroy the enemy!

To be on the safe side, I asked Sun Sikong to survey Chen Wei’er’s position together with me. But it was a pity that there was some sort of barrier around Chen Wei’er, making him not receive any information!

I had replaced one of the buttons on Chen Wei’er’s clothes with a small tracking device with a positioning function beforehand, in order to know where she was taken!

I had never expected the enemy’s means and technology to be so advanced that they could even shield themselves from the latest technological products from Sun Sikong! It was great that I left myself a leeway and left some of my Spiritual Energy on another one of Chen Wei’er’s dress’s button, otherwise, I would have reached a dead end.

Fortunately, my spiritual powers seemed to transcend all technological products and weren’t limited by the shielding. Although I wondered why Chen Wei’er was now on Bright Flame World, I was sure that my ability wouldn’t go wrong.

As the matter stood, it was favorable for me to make a move! On Earth, I had always been low-key and dared not make a lot of spaceships appear in the sky, but I had no need to pay too much attention when on Bright Flame World! Alright then, we will just go to war and see who is stronger!

Du Xiaowei’s special mercenary forces had long been secretly transferred to Bright Flame World so they could familiarize themselves with Sun Sikong’s newly researched war spaceships and weapons. These people already had a strong ability to adapt, and were already very skilled by now.

All of my women had also been received at the Bright Flame World and were now protected in the Bright Flame Heavenly Temple! In addition to the safety devices from Sun Sikong, I also added a layer of spiritual enchantments to protect them!

In this fucked up place where the enemy also had high-end technological weapons, the only thing I could trust was my own spiritual power! Now, I really felt the benefits of these special powers! Brother Yama, I really love you!

What’s more, Zhao Yanyan’s spiritual powers were no less than my own. Although she hadn’t familiarized herself with her powers, it wouldn’t be a problem to protect my women!

After I arranged all of this, I headed southeast where Chen Wei’er was imprisoned!


“We have to implement the plan ahead of time!”

The mysterious person was sitting in an underground control center, constantly operating something, when a voice suddenly reached his ears.

This mysterious person, who was originally so powerful, immediately put on a respectful expression and said humbly, “Greetings, boss, what happened?”

“I didn’t expect Liu Lei to act ahead of time!” The voice complained, “This can also be blamed on you for kidnapping Chen Wei’er. Her life and death have nothing to do with you!”

“Boss, I am sorry!” The mysterious person slapped his own face, “But boss, I really can’t leave her like that. She… After all, she is…”

“Alright!” The voice interrupted, “I am not blaming you. You should just follow the original plan; you know what to do!”

“Yes, boss, I promise to complete the task!” The mysterious person assured loudly.

Once the call ended, the sound that made the mysterious person tremble thought aloud, “You think those weapons made by Sun Sikong are very fierce? Humph! Even in your dreams, you wouldn’t have thought that the weapons I researched and developed were even more fierce! Hahaha, let’s see how you are going to die this time! Motherfucker, I can’t bear it anymore, you have driven me beyond the limits of my forbearance!”


Today was doomed to be a day that would go down in the historical annals of the Bright Flame World! Perhaps, years later, there would he records of today’s magnificent war in the history textbooks!

Two thousand of Third-Generation Bright Flame Warships developed by Sun Sikong headed southeast together. However, in the air above, one couldn’t see any spectacular sight, because all the warships had a stealth function.