V4C225 – Choice

I had already prepared to leave Earth, so I didn’t care about entering our leaving the country without a record. Even if some people wanted to use this matter to make an issue, they would have to find me first!

In Japan, Wang Shu had already woken up as she sat in the room with listless eyes. Just now, she had inspected her body. Fortunately, she was still a maiden and hadn’t been defiled. However, Wang Shu didn’t know for how long she could keep her innocence.

Originally, those people who made AV wanted to immediately taste Wang Shu, but when they realized she was still a maiden, they immediately stopped! After all, a film of a virgin being deflowered could sell for a high price! Therefore, driven by economic interests, this opportunity was taken from those men and Wang Shu was able to preserve her purity.

Since the removal of Sawai Toji, the business of Wang Shu’s father flourished day by day. But as the company developed more, it was starting to get targeted by some sly people!

Chinese enterprises would naturally gain dissatisfaction from similar local enterprises in Japan, so several companies banded together and set up a trap for Wang Shu’s father. Finally, as could be imagined, the company went bankrupt and they were drowned in major debt! If they didn’t have enough money to repay the debt, then the only result would be her father getting imprisoned. This was something Wang Shu couldn’t accept.

As a woman, wanting to quickly get money to repay her father’s debt wasn’t easy. On top of that, she didn’t even have any qualifications and only had her body!

However, even if she sold her body, would she be able to earn the money? The payment for an AV movie was usually about a million Yen, but her father owed a debt of 300 million Yen. How many films would she have to star in to make that amount? At least three hundred. Even if she stared in one film a day, it would still take a year to pay off the debt. Moreover, with how the Loan Sharks worked and their high interest rates, it wasn’t impossible for the debt to grow even higher after a year!

Moreover, there was a continuous influx of newcomers in the AV industry. One person couldn’t keep on being the star for a long time, and in the end, they would definitely start going downhill. So, it was already unknown whether she could even star in so many films!

What’s more, Wang Shu simply didn’t want to do such a degrading thing! Wang Shu shuddered at the thought of having sex with different people before the camera, showing off her pure body for all to see.

At this moment, Wang Shu didn’t know she had been rescued. As for those who forced Wang Shu into such dire straits, they probably had their limbs broken and fed to the sharks in the sea.

And the companies that persecuted Wang Shu’s father’s company were also found and warned by Heng Lujing Ba’s people. If they didn’t want to just vanish from the world, they would have to pay massive compensation and take a huge loss. Originally, a company had a bit of background and wanted to refuse, but their refusal resulted in the president of that company being thrown from upstairs, turning him into a disabled.

Of course, this alone wasn’t enough to make up for Wang Shu’s loss! She was the woman valued by their biggest boss, so Heng Lujing Ba knew he had to handle the matter more properly! Heng Lujing Ba also watched TV, so once my status became apparent, he knew how a few words from me could alter his future by a lot, so he had to give it his all!

Heng Lujing Ba extorted those several enterprises and made them pay a huge compensation for the loss they did. Wang Shu’s father’s enterprise altogether lost less than a billion Yen, but Heng Lujing Ba actually made those enterprises compensate 1 billion Yen each!

These enterprises were a little unreconciled, but who was Heng Lujing Ba? He was the boss of an underworld gang, and underworld’s people didn’t talk business back and forth. There was no bargaining, and only his word was right. If they didn’t take out the money, then they could only wait for a disaster!

Therefore, these enterprises had no choice but to compensate generously. They had wanted to split the benefits from destroying Wang Shu’s father’s company, but who would have thought they would lose the chicken while stealing some rice! The Wang Family’s business had been given huge compensation for their small loss!

Originally, there were still a few companies having a wait-and-see attitude, but once the company that used its background to refuse gave in, these other companies having the wait-and-see attitude also became much more obedient and handed over the compensation!

After all, the president of that company was thrown from upstairs and turned into a disabled in broad daylight. Of course, even after becoming disabled, he still had to pay 1 billion Yen. Otherwise, there was no guarantee he won’t fall to his death the next time.

Wang Shu was still not clear about the situation outside, so she was still plagued by worry.

Just when Wang Shu didn’t know what to do, the door of the room was pushed open and Heng Lujing Ba entered.

Wang Shu didn’t know who Heng Lujing Ba was. When I rescued her the last time, she had thought it was only Ding Wenfeng and me. So Wang Shu subconsciously thought that Heng Lujing Ba was also one of those beasts who forced her!

However, this coincided with what Heng Lujing Ba had to do now, as he had to act evil!

“I want to know how you are going to pay off your father’s debt!” Heng Lujing Ba said with a cold expression. In his heart, however, he was complaining. If not for the boss’s order, how would he have the guts to talk like that with the boss’s woman!

“Do I even have a choice?” Wang Shu looked at the person in front of her and sneered.

“Of course. Also, I am here to give you some good news!” Heng Lujing Ba put in great effort to make his smile look more lascivious.

“Good news? What good news?” Wang Shu shook her head subconsciously, “What good news would there even be for me!”

“It is definitely good news. At least, you have a choice. With this choice, you won’t have to be ridden by thousands of people and get broken. It just so happens to conform to your original intention!” Heng Lujing Ba said.

“Really?” Listening to Heng Lujing Ba’s words, Wang Shu suddenly became excited, but then she immediately said calmly, “You are lying to me, how could there be other choices? I am just a woman, so what other capital do I have besides my body that can be used to make money? Hmph, don’t tell me someone took a fancy to me and is willing to pay off the debt for me!”

“Hehe, little girl, you sure are intelligent!” Heng Lujing Ba said without beating around the bush, “That is exactly what I was going to say! You guessed it correctly. There is indeed a bigshot who has taken a fancy to you and is willing to pay off your debt!”

“Took a fancy to me? What a joke! I, Wang Shu, know what kind of person I am. I am not a star, neither am I from some influential family! Is there even someone who would be willing to spend hundreds of millions for me?” Wang Shu said in self-ridicule, “Do you even believe your own words?”

“But…” Heng Lujing Ba had thought he would be able to quickly arrange this woman to meet with the boss. He had never expected this woman to be so stubborn that she wouldn’t believe his words.

“What’s wrong? You have nothing to say? Cat got your tongue?” Wang Shu sneered.

After Heng Lujing Ba heard her, he was depressed. Did he not have the potential to be a persuasive speaker? Why does no one believe when he says something! However, when he remembered it was a duty given to him by his boss, he didn’t know what kind of punishment he will get if he couldn’t complete it!