V4C221 – Dispute?

“Then, what should I do?” Liu Kesheng asked with a sigh.

“Build up your strength. When the time is right, we will launch an attack to annex the Bright Flame Clan!” The person in the watch said.

Are you not afraid you will bite your own tongue while boasting? Annex the Bright Flame Clan? Do you really think I am a match for that guy? Liu Kesheng was depressed! However, in the end, everything he had today was bestowed upon him by this mysterious person, so all he could do was brace himself and reply, “Alright! I understand.”

After he turned off the communicator, Liu Kesheng started to hesitate! The happy life he had right now was earned after a lot of hardships; this made Liu Kesheng not want to do something stupid that will cost him the peace he had finally gained! It would be akin to smashing an egg against a rock! Even though he also had some powers now, and there were also tens of thousands of soldiers under him, they were, after all, still eggs. No matter how many eggs were gathered and smashed at the rock, the eggs would never be able to knock away the stone!

Although it was a very difficult choice, Liu Kesheng could only grit his teeth and bite the bullet! If he didn’t obey the mysterious person, he will definitely lose everything he has right now. But if he obeyed that mysterious person, he will end up becoming cannon fodder!

Thinking of all this, Liu Kesheng clenched his teeth and decided to fight! Anyways, if he couldn’t succeed, he will at least die a man!


Although the civilization of the Bright Flame World was developing at a rapid pace, there was still a very serious issue! That was, though these primitive people could understand the newly emerging technologies and things, they couldn’t use them well!

Just like how when “pedestrian walking” was introduced in cities and the people were not willing to use them out of habit. But once some time passed and people discovered that walking on the “pedestrian walking” was better, they gradually accepted!

Therefore, the Bright Flame World needed some people who understood modern civilization. These people could play a very important role, and under their leadership, the Bright Flame World will develop much quicker!

However, my manpower was quite limited. Even though there were the mercenaries under Du Xiaowei, and they were also completely loyal, having them teach these primitive people was something that they couldn’t do!

And I couldn’t have Sun Sikong create more robots for this task again! As for a large-scale immigration plan for Earth’s people, I was not going to do that! Therefore, as the Bright Flame World developed and technology advanced, this issue was becoming more and more apparent!

For example, in the towns, Sun Sikong had already invested in developing a mass-use suspension railway, but there were very few people willing to use those. They were afraid of the railways and were willing to walk.

This gave me a headache as I wasn’t able to think up a good solution.

Just when I didn’t have any clue, an old friend came looking for me.

When he came to me, I was very surprised. I had thought that I would never meet him, but who would have expected that fate could be so strange some times?

On this day, there were two uninvited guests in my villa!

Ever since my identity had been made public, there were a lot of people who came looking for me in the villa, so these two people didn’t attract too much attention. Zhao Yanyan just let them wait in the reception room.

When I saw the two people, I was a bit startled but immediately calmed down, “Let’s go to the study upstairs. We can talk there!”

The two nodded and followed me upstairs!


A week later, Xu Qingwei, who was on the Bright Flame World, contacted me using a special communication device that Sun Sikong had made.

This communicator wasn’t limited by space and location. It communicated through quantum entanglement and didn’t require any wireless waves. Even if one was very very far away, there was no effect on the quality of the call!

“Boss Liu, the army of the Dark Tribe launched an all-out attack on the Bright Flame Clan this morning!” Xu Qingwei said anxiously.

“Dark Tribe? What happened? How come they suddenly rushed over to attack us? Weren’t we all living peacefully before?” I asked strangely.

“That’s right, but their leader was instigated by the Xixi Tribe to attack us!” Xu Qingwei said, “They are attacking the city wall right now, and they also have modern equipment!”

“Modern equipment?” I was stunned, “How is that possible?”

“I can’t believe it either, but the situation at hand is really as I described!” Xu Qingwei forced a smile and said, “Boss Liu, you should return quickly!”

“Wait for me there, I will get there immediately!” I shut off the communicator and immediately teleported to the Bright Flame World.

What was going on? How come the Dark Tribe had modern equipment? What does this mean? Could there be a traitor in the Bright Flame Clan? Did someone give away our high-tech weapons?

That was impossible! We were still in the development stages, so weapons and the like were firmly under Sun Sikong’s hands and hadn’t been decentralized yet! Suddenly, I remembered a certain rumor that Shui Beishan had once told me. The God of Darkness of the Dark Tribe was also a man with great power!

Could it be that this God of Darkness was also someone who teleported to this world?

Everything was getting messy! I had thought that I would be able to get away from my chaotic life and live a carefree life on the Bright Flame World! But who would have thought that there would be one trouble after the other, like a never-ending tide!

Ever since I was reborn, I haven’t had to go through so many troubles! But now, the feeling of having everything under control seemed to have blurred!

An enemy in the darkness, and a conspiracy that I couldn’t see through. Could it be Chen Yong? Did Chen Yong also end up coming to the Bright Flame World?

Although it seemed to be a bit ridiculous, the possibility was still there!

I shook my head and decided to wait ’till I had taken a look at the situation! when I stood at the wall of the Bright Flame City, I could see tens of thousands of things that looked to be miniature tanks attacking the city wall from all directions!

“This is the current situation!” Xu Qingwei said, “What should we do? Do we mobilize our army and destroy them completely, or should we find a way to capture them all?”

I looked at the strange things under the city wall and frowned. Not right! These kinds of miniature tank-like things were certainly not something from Earth! Was I wrong? Was there another group of an advanced race on this planet?

Although the damage done by these mini-tanks wasn’t too much, it wasn’t too little either. If not for the newly synthesized high-density concrete that Sun Sikong used in building the city wall, it was highly likely these mini-tanks would have made their way through the walls already.

Actually, Liu Kesheng was only doing this for show. Before he had launched the attack, he had ordered his army to only attack the city wall without using any weapons. He was still young and wasn’t prepared to die! His only goal in attacking this time around was to demonstrate his might, so as to make me understand that he, Liu Kesheng, was also a man with some might and wasn’t powerless. As the matter stood, he wanted to use this as a bargaining chip! He couldn’t let me be too contemptuous of him, after all!

Looking at the time, Liu Kesheng asked the people under him to send a signal to negotiate with the highest ruler in the city!