V4C184 – Laurent’s Wedding

Just some time ago, Old Philip had told him that he was very interested in a newly developed Environmental Purification System from East Asia Motion and Shuguang. He wanted to become their General Agent in Italy, so he had asked Old Witter if he had any relations!

Therefore, Old Witter was determined that Old Philip had no special relationship with Shuguang International! Then why was Shuguang International helping Old Philip? Did that Old Philip make some major connection in such a short time?

Sallica! For some unknown reason, the name of Philip Family’s heir’s fiancee popped up in Old Witter’s mind! Could it be her? Old Witter immediately shook his head, that was simply impossible. They had thoroughly investigated her family background and knew that there was certainly not anyone big in them!

However, he had to agree that it was very strange of Old Philip to accept her. Could that Sallica really have something to do with the matter?

Not only did Old Witter think of this, but many other big businesses in Italy who had been paying attention to the acquisition also came to the same conclusion! Almost everyone had the same suspicions as Old Witter now!

But suspicions were ultimately just that, doubts. There was no evidence to show that the matters were really related to Sallica.

Old Witter and Hukos’ complete and utter failure, topped with the unknown relationship that Philip Family had with Shuguang International made many of the people who originally had relationships with Old Witter and Old Philip to start reconsidering the side they should take! Many people didn’t even hesitate and directly turned over to Old Philip!

With the support of Shuguang International, the rise of the Philip Family was inevitable. Even if they (Philip Family) didn’t find them for anything, these people would certainly have a lot of business to do with the Philip family.

Just when everyone was doubtful and uncertain of what was going to happen, the Philip Family released another groundbreaking news! The Philip Family had officially become the only authorized agent in Italy for East Asia Motion’s new project “Environmental Purification” which was owned by Shuguang International. Their third generation heir, Laurent Philip will be responsible for the family’s future. {TL: Finally, a different name. Laurent is the young Philip.}

The full name of Philip was Laurent Philip. After the news came out, all the businesses felt lost! The East Asia Motion hadn’t even started officially recruiting agents, yet the Philip Family had already won the established quota!

This wasn’t just having a good relationship with the European Division of Shuguang International. It must be known that the business agents were directly decided by the East Asia Motion Headquarters!

This news undoubtedly made Old Witter and Hukos spit out blood once more! As for the people who had thought that the Philip Family had given up on Laurent Philip were completely stunned.

These occurrences made Laurent Philip’s wedding an unprecedented grand event! Some people who didn’t even have any relation with the Philip Family immediately came to the wedding after they received an invitation. Not thinking about the wedding, just the tyrannical show of might from the Philip Family over the last few days had made the people want to form relations with the Philip Family!

But after they arrived, they indeed felt that they hadn’t made the trip in vain!

Today was beyond just unprecedented! Originally, Old Philip’s plan was to hold Laurent Philip’s wedding in the Philip Family Villa. That was the result of the number of people that he and Old Witter were going to invite, but now, that was certainly not going to work. Many people who hadn’t even received the invitation had quite some thick faces as they called Old Philip, indicating that they were certainly going to attend Laurent’s wedding!

Old Philip had no choice but to book a larger business resort to entertain those guests!

Since Philip’s and Sallica’s wedding was made possible because of me, and I had also verified the love and loyalty between them, therefore, Yang Mei and I naturally acted as their bridesmaid and best man. Fortunately, we were Orientals. When Europeans and Americans look at us, they don’t pay any special attention. Otherwise, it would have turned into us taking all the limelight from Laurent Philip!

When I appeared, the audience was in an uproar! Majority of the people present were business tycoons with high statuses in the society, so many of them recognized me! The chairman of the world’s biggest business group!

At this moment, all those people understood why Shuguang International was backing Old Philip! They understood why the Philip Family was able to obtain the qualifications to become Shuguang’s business agent! And the reason was that the chairman of Shuguang was Laurent Philip’s best man! The relationship was certainly close enough for everything to be like this!

The host of the wedding was also a member of the Philip Family. When he saw the reaction of the audience, he was very satisfied. He nodded to Old Philip and then pressed his hands together, making a gesture, telling everyone to quiten down, “I believe that everyone already knows the best man next to Young Master Philip, Mr. Liu Lei, the chairman of Shuguang International! Miss Yang Mei, who is next to Mr. Liu, is also Mr. Liu’s fiancee! She is also the bridesmaid of this wedding! Some people may say that the bridesmaid should be someone from the lady’s side, true. Miss Yang also has another identity, that is she is Sallica’s elder sister!”

When his words entered everyone’s ears, the audience was stunned! All the doubts they had were now dispelled and they now understood Sallica’s identity! No wonder Old Philip was holding such a grand wedding!

The people present on the scene looked at Old Philip and Young Philip with envious gazes!

This news had yet to be digested that another bomb was dropped, “Mr. Liu and Young Master Philip have a very good relationship, therefore, he has decided to be the godfather of Young Master Philip and Miss Sallica’s future child!”

Child’s godfather, that was akin to giving them the guarantee that the Philip Family was going to be ever prosperous for years to come, not fading into obscurity! Although these people still couldn’t understand why Sallica had an Oriental sister, it didn’t matter since the results weren’t going to change at all!

Therefore, the people who had no relationship with the Philip Family were now looking for any small opportunity to get close to the Philip Family. No matter how minor the profit, who didn’t want to get in a relationship with the Philip Family that was soon going to become the biggest family around!

Who didn’t care about having a brighter future!

The wedding was very lively with profitable dealings happening till the end. Yang Mei and I also bade farewell to Philip and Sallica! The two of them were now going to Germany for their honeymoon, while we had to go back to China now!

I didn’t want the profits from this deal, and Old Philip was also very embarrassed to take everything without having to do anything, so he gave all the profits to Laurent Philip and Sallica as their travel funds and money for them to purchase their own home…

After getting all this done, Yang Mei’s family and I took a plane back to China!

Li Xiaohong and Yang Xiong knew that Yang Mei’s condition was now very stable, so they were also happy! It was a pity that they had sold their house though. However, it was better like this. I bought them a house in B City and let them live with Yang Mei.

Zhao YanYan and the others, especially Liu Yue and Meng QingQing were very happy after knowing about the matter!