V4C183 – Renowned

The investors who were just watching and waiting immediately dismissed the idea of wanting to sell their stock, holding the chips in their hands.

There were also some savvy investors who started to buy back the shares of Karon General Merchandise! For a time, the stock prices soared to a higher level!

Old Witter and Hukos were immediately dumbfounded, they had never even dreamt that Shuguang International will intervene out of nowhere! Moreover, they hadn’t even spent a cent yet and only said the word, yet their entire plan of the acquisition was destroyed!

Old Witter and Hukos had to give up now, but still, they could sell the stock in hand for a slight profit, so the matter wasn’t too bad! But was this really the end of the matter?

The biggest mistake Old Witter and Hukos made was being too overconfident and thinking that they were very well-informed! They thought that the Philip Family simply didn’t have the ability to contend with them. Through this matter, Old Witter wanted to announce to the entire world that their Orde Financial Group wasn’t easy to bully! Hence, the arrogance of these foolish people was what led to their demise! If they had bought the Karon General Merchandise stocks in secret, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that Old Philip might not even have discovered what went on!

On the other hand, Old Philip started to take action according to my instructions! The people under his command had already begun to acquire the business chain of electric appliances under Old Witter and Hukos, World Flag Electric Appliances!

As the matter was done in relative secrecy, the stock prices of the World Flag Electric Appliances business were quite stable. Even if there were fluctuations, they could be considered almost non-existent before the ones brought upon by Old Witter and Hukos’ acquisition of the Karon General Merchandise.

Old Witter and Hukos were still immersed in the pleasure and failure of the acquisition that they didn’t realize something was wrong until the last moment! Although Old Philip was doing everything in secrecy, once they investigated the matter carefully, they found out that it was being done by Old Philip!

“Old Philip!” Old Witter yelled in resentment, “I will never let you go once this matter is over!”

No matter how angry the two were, Old Witter and Hukos still had to wait for the next day to protect their business. In the latter part of the day before, since the prices of the Karon General Merchandise stock had risen quite high, they didn’t have a lot of cash on hand. They no longer had enough funds and protecting the business wasn’t possible, so all they could do was sell the Karon General Merchandise stock that they had.

Although they understood quite well that after the investment contract between Shuguang and Karon General Merchandise was signed, the prices of the stock will rise sharply. There was even a chance that the prices might go up by dozens of times, but what could they do, they had to sell the stock on hand in advance!

“Do you want to sell the stock now?” Hukos asked.

“Wait a bit. Let it go a little higher, the stock of Karon General Merchandise can still go up!” Old Witter said greedily.

However, it was because of this greed that they lost the chance to turn over their situation!

Just when they wanted to throw out the Karon General Merchandise stock, the TV broadcasted a shocking news, “This morning, Shuguang International held an emergency press conference! At the press conference, the Shuguang International spokesperson claimed that they had a serious disagreement with the Philip Family regarding the future of the Karon General Merchandise, which has led to the suspension of their plan! Subsequently, a spokesperson for Shuguang said that they are interested in World Flag Electric Appliances and that they will later contact the head of World Flag!”

After the broadcast had ended, many investors who were holding the shares of Karon General Merchandise started to hesitate, after all, in many cases, suspension meant failure. “Suspension” was just a pretty word they used for the failure! These investors had seen far too many incidents like this! Therefore, after hesitating for a while, the investors started to sell the Karon General Merchandise stocks in abundance while they went on to buy the World Flag Electric Appliance stocks! All of them knew that the stock prices of the World Flag Appliances were going to skyrocket soon!

The stock prices of Karon General Merchandise immediately plummeted while the stock prices of World Flag swiftly rose through the index!

Since the volume of Karon General Merchandise stock in Old Witter and Hukos’ hand was quite large, so they had to bear quite a loss! But what could they do, they still had to go and help their own business get out of crises! In the end, all Old Witter and Hukos could do was get rid of all the Karon General Merchandise stock on hand!

The rise in the stock price of World Flag Electronics made them curse out, blaming Shuguang International for their plight. Why did they (Shuguang) have to get involved in their business, couldn’t they just go find someone else?

However, no matter how high the stock price was, they had to buy it back! Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Old Philip was able to even become a major shareholder of World Flag! Old Witter will certainly never allow something like that to happen!

“It seems that I am soon going to become a major shareholder of World Flag,” Here, Old Philip was leisurely looking at the computer screen as he sipped coffee.

“Yeah, but our purpose isn’t to become a shareholder of that company,” I smiled and said.

“I know. It seems that it is time!” Old Philip looked at the stock graph of World Flag and then picked up his phone.

When the stock in Old Philips hand was almost getting to its limit, I instructed the head of the Italian Shuguang branch to hold a press conference and claim that they had reached a substantive agreement with Karon General Merchandise, dropping their interest in World Flag.

Right after that, the stock prices of Karon General Merchandise again smashed through the roof while the stock prices of World Flag again fell!

Watching the funds in their hands shrink, Old Witter and Hukos felt like crying. After this battle, they had lost more than 2 Billion both inside and outside!

Similarly, Old Philip had earned nearly 2 Billion.

Old Witter and Hukos immediately calmed themselves and immediately realized that the incident was quite unusual! From the start to the end of everything, there had been the shadow of Shuguang International over everything! They had thought that it was just a coincidence but was that really just a coincidence? How could there be such a coincidence in the world?

How was it possible for a company on the level of Shuguang to be so rash as they would release three press conferences? Moreover, Shuguang International took their investments very seriously. Karon General Merchandise was good, World Flag was also good, but the two were insignificant and nothing worth mentioning before Shuguang. Was there really a need for them to get involved here?

Thinking of this, Old Witter and Hukos were immediately covered in cold sweat! It was now obvious to them that Shuguang International was deliberately helping Old Philip and they had his back!

If that was the truth, then things were very dire for them! When did that Old Philip come into contact with the European Branch of Shuguang International? As the matter stood, Old Witter and Hukos could only take the loss and keep their mouths shut about the matter! After all, if you can’t fight back, just keep your mouth shut. With an opponent like Shuguang International, there was no way for them to fight back, let alone win! A casual sentence from them was enough to make everyone betray them and pushed back to a wall by everyone else in the business world! It was even possible that their former business partners would be the first ones to betray them!

But the matter was still too fishy? Old Witter was furious at Old Philip. He had known Old Philip for so long and obviously knew what kind of connections Old Philip had!