V4C180 – You And Sallica Must Work Hard

Old Philip nodded to Keton and then looked at me nervously. At that moment, he was in a very complicated mood and wanted to get to know my real identity as soon as possible.

Finally, when we came closer to the group of vehicles, Old Philip could clearly see my appearance!

The first thought Old Philip had was just how could I be so young? His second thought was how come I… looked so familiar to him? Right, the man’s surname was Liu, then… Could it be… Old Philip suddenly thought of a person, a young man who was in the limelight in the world right now!

Thinking of all this, Old Philip immediately rushed towards me in just a few steps! In the business world, age didn’t matter, instead, one’s strength did! His actions stunned Keton and the people of the Philip Family! There would barely be a few people in Italy who could make Old Philip rush towards them like this! However, though surprised, Keton also rejoiced that he had not offended me at that time!

“Hello, Mr. Liu Lei!” Old Philip extended his right hand, “This humble one is the current head of the Philip Family! Good friends of mine call me Old Philip!”

“Hello, Mr. Philip, I am very glad to meet you today,” I smiled and shook hands with him.

Philip who was standing right behind me was shocked by the spectacle before him! When did his grandfather become such a humble man? Old Philip? It must be known that only the business tycoons of some major financial groups would dare call him like that!

This made Philip have a completely new outlook at my strength! He could tell that I wasn’t relying on the power of my family, instead, I was a very influential person myself!

“Pardon me, Mr. Liu, I am old and there are a lot of Family affairs that bind me here, otherwise I would have definitely come to meet you in Venice!” Old Philip said with an apologetic expression, “I am really sorry!”

I certainly knew that these were just sweet words this old fogy was using, where would he have come to meet me? I am sure he didn’t even know who I was just half an hour ago! However, there was no use fretting over something like that, so I just smiled indifferently and said, “We are the youngsters, how can we make a senior like you come out to meet us? Also, Philip and Sallica are good friends of mine and I am their future child’s godfather. As the matter stands, it ought to be us visiting you since you are an elder!”

I intentionally said the matter of me being the godfather of Philip and Sallica’s future child; it was to have a look at Old Philip’s expression and whether he objected to it!

However, Old Philip still had the same smile as before and had no change in his expression. Who was this Old Philips? He was an old scheming fox in the business world, how could it be so easy to see through his mind? However, after listening to my words, he did have his heart go cold for a bit. But he soon relaxed, not only was he relaxed, but he was also happy! If the matter was really like I said and I was going to be the godfather of his future great-grandchild, then that would mean I was treating the Philip Family as people of my own! If that was the case and the Philip Family could rely on a lofty supporting tree like me, then the days of their glory were just around the corner!

If Philip later inherited the position of the Family’s head, I will certainly take care of the Philip Family! After thinking about this, Old Philip’s complexion turned much brighter. This marriage was going to be far more lucrative than the Orde Financial Group’s little princess! Compared to a giant ship like Shuguang, Orde was simply trash!

“That is indeed very good! Philip, you and Sallica must try hard and not disappoint Mr. Liu!” Old Philip said with a smile.

“Ah?” This response from Old Philip made both Philip and Sallica feel as if they had made a mistake! Philip was wondering if his grandfather had taken the wrong medicine today? How did he change so much so suddenly? He wouldn’t be playing them all, right?

Sallica, on the other hand, was overwhelmed and looked at Old Philip with horror. Compared to before, his current attitude could be considered completely outrageous! Sallica couldn’t believe this, she couldn’t believe that she was getting accepted by the Philip Family just like this!

But facts were facts. Not only did Old Philip accept Sallica, he even greeted her kindly, “You must be Sallica, right? What a clever girl, you are really good! My granddaughter-in-law has a lot of face!”

“Ah… I…” For a moment, Sallica didn’t know what to say.

Philip quickly gave Sallica an eye signal, reminding her to quickly call Old Philip grandfather!

“Grandfather……” Sallica was somewhat excited at the moment. She had never imagined that the difficulty they had been having would be solved so casually by me! Naturally, it all only looked casual, Sallica wouldn’t even be able to dream of the benefits that Old Philip was getting out of this!

“Good child, you should give our family a little present (child) as soon as possible!” Old Philip said with a smile.

It was reasonable to say that in European and American families, the elderly rarely interfered with whether their children and grandchildren wanted to have descendants or not. The reason Old Philip said that was just to show his friendliness to Sallica in front of me!

Since we were at the airport right now and there were a lot of people nearby, it wasn’t appropriate for Old Philip to ask me what relationship I had with Sallica. But from the way I spoke, he could infer that the relationship should be good, so Old Philip didn’t dare neglect!

At this time, the car’s of the Philip Family drove over and Old Philip boarded his car, followed by others boarding the cars as well one after another. Soon, our group left the airport and went to the Philip Family’s Villa.

The Philip Family’s Villa was located at the outskirts of Milan. It was a typical European-styled building covering a very large area with houses built for the core family members of the Philip Family. The other branch family members didn’t live here. Though they were part of the family, they only came over when there was some major event or meeting!

Yang Mei’s family and I were arranged in an archaic styled castle. Naturally, it only appeared archaic from the outside, after the refurbishing, the inside had all the modern facilities!

Sallica had also received quite a good reception.

I knew that Old Philip must have a lot of matters to discuss with me, and I also had a lot of things to explain to him, otherwise, it would be impossible for him to be willing to let his grandson marry Sallica.

“Mr. Liu, I have a precious painting to show you. I have heard that people in the East are quite interested in things like these, so would you like to join me and appreciate it together?” Sure enough, just after we settled in, Old Philip came knocking on the door.

I obviously understood what he meant, so I didn’t refuse him. Nodding, I said, “Alright, please lead the way!”

Seeing that I agreed, Old Philip was very happy and quickly led me to an independent building next to the main building. Walking through a stand-alone corridor, after going through several password confirmations, we finally arrived at the Philip Family collection room.

There were a lot of things inside, from carvings to weaving arts, it was a chaos of things everywhere. The appreciation of a painting was just an excuse but I didn’t ask where it was and only looked at everything around me.

“Mr. Liu, I heard Keton say that you wanted to discuss the issue of bride price?” Old Philip decided to start the chat.