V4C18 – Free Liquor

They also felt that Guan Yang’s arrogance had inflated by miles now, making him haughtier, placing himself higher than the others. It made everyone have some bad taste in their mouths as they all felt uncomfortable.

“Guan Yang, have you drunk too much!” As Xu Xueyun’s die-hard buddy, Wang Yu was the first to get angry.

“Drunk? I haven’t drunk anything yet!”Guan Yang raised the empty cup before him and shouted, “Waiter, bring more wine. We……” As he shouted half his words, Guan Yang had a flash of inspiration in his heart as he thought of an idea to vent his anger.

As he had a great plan, Guan Yang immediately shut his mouth and whispered a few words to Lu Jia. Lu Jia nodded as he listened, then he said a few words to his girlfriend.

After a while, a waiter pushed open the door and walked in. He smiled and asked, “Excuse me, would you like to order wine?”

“No. All of us here are students, so we can’t hold our liquor that well!” Guan Yang immediately changed his expression and seriously said.

“Ah!” Liu Jia exclaimed with a shout, “How could that be? All of us are old classmates who finally got together! How could we not drink some wine?”

“Yeah, tomorrow is Sunday, so there aren’t any classes either!” The other students also felt strange.

“No. How could University Students drink alcohol!” Guan Yang said with his serious face.

“Tasteless guy!” Lu Jia didn’t appear to be too happy as he said, “What meaning is there to living if we aren’t even going to drink! Waiter, go and bring two boxes of beer. There’s no need to listen to this guy!”

“No! If you want to drink, then I won’t pay for anything. You must pay for it yourself!” Guan Yang said while waving his hand.

“Ah?” Lu Jia scratched his head and said, “How could a man not drink? What do you say, Liu Lei?” Lu Jia asked me very casually.

“If he says don’t drink, then don’t drink. Not like it will cause a disaster!” I had just thought Guan Yang was right, and he even changed his manner. I really thought he was a good man. But now that I heard Lu Jia turn towards me, I felt something was wrong!

Sure enough, a trace of disappointment flashed through Lu Jia and Guan Yang’s faces at the same time. I felt a bit funny and wanted to see what the two were up to, so I said, “But all of you are classmates, and several of us are meeting for the first time, so drinking some wine should be fine!”

“Exactly!” Lu Jia smacked his thigh as he said with excitement, “But this Guan Yang, our dude, is blind to the truth. We will have to pay for the wine……”

As I heard till here, I understood the gist of the matter. This Guan Yang had hosted this event to hit on Xu Xueyun, so he had to invite all these people as well. Now that he didn’t get the beauty, yet had to pay for all these people’s food and even had to entertain me, he certainly won’t feel too good about it, so he wanted to pull one over me!

These kinds of tricks were too low-grade. I didn’t even need to waste any effort to find out his plans. Wasn’t it just a few bottles of wine? If I don’t agree to it, then it will only make me look stingy, so I said, “Alright everyone, you can drink it all you want. I will pay for it!”

“Buddy, you are great!” Lu Jia excitedly shouted as he turned to the waiter and said, “Bring two boxes of beer, ten bottles of Sprite, and……Make sure you remember it all!”

“Ah, sir. The beer and drinks here are free of charge……” The waiter had also seen the show that Guan Yang and Lu Jia just performed, so he answered while trying to suppress his laughter.

“Free!?” Lu Jia and Guan Yang had their mouths drop open at the same time. The two lost their face in a big way just now.

“Yes, wine and drinks are completely free within any place inside our Jiuding Resort!” The waiter said.

“Alright, I understand!” Guan Yang waved his hand and said awkwardly, “You can bring it.”

In fact, the other students didn’t think too much about the matter. Only a few of us involved understood what happened. After the waiter left, Guan Yang couldn’t help but feel his face burn with embarrassment. He secretly blamed himself in his heart for coming up with such a retarded idea. He was too retarded! Couldn’t reach a high level!

Fortunately, after the beer came up, the temperament of all the students also toned down and the party started to become harmonious. There were a few girls who had boyfriends who were already working, and one of them seemed to have a very high position in society.

“All of you are the classmates of Little Qing, so if you encounter any difficulties in B City in the future, you all can feel free to look for me, Yang Yiqun!”

This Yang Yiqun was Xu Xueyun’s classmate Zhang Xiaoqing’s boyfriend. Zhang Xiaqing was the worst at studies in their entire group. Even though she also got admission in a University in B City, it was a third-rate private University. She felt she would lose when if she attended this student reunion. Whenever she was invited to the previous gatherings, she always shirked the matter and never came. But now that she found a rich boyfriend, the felt she didn’t reject and came to the reunion with a straightened back. She wanted to show off her backing to everyone.

“I say, buddy, what’s with your tone? You make it sound as if you are a big shot in B City!” As Lu Jia listened to his words, he replied immediately. In his view, only Guan Yang could be the man of the hour here. He naturally felt uncomfortable as he heard Yang Yiqun’s bragging.

“Hehe, nothing much. I am just a department manager in a multinational company.” Yang Yiqun replied modestly, but no one could see a modest expression on his face.

“I must say that there are many multinational companies in B City, and the company that Big Brother Yang works is still pretty good. If it wasn’t, then I would certainly make him change his job!” Xiaoqing said proudly and felt satisfied with herself.

“Oh? I wonder which company he works for?” Guan Yang couldn’t help but finally ask.

“Oh, it’s just East Asia Motion. It has quite some prospects for its future!” As Yang Yiqun saw his path had been paved successfully, so he immediately answered. After saying that, he acted as if he was very wronged and said, “But it’s very tiring. Even though the company’s yearly production is limited, there are still a lot of people who want to strike up a relationship. I am getting tired of dealing with them every day as they are getting more and more annoying!”

As the students heard East Asia Motion, they were stunned by his words. If it wasn’t a very good work, then what was! From its birth to its limelight, East Asia Motion had been on a rocket ride as it quickly became a company that could rival Shuguang Corporation in a short span of time! It was the second-best employment company after Shuguang for every University student!

No one, including Guan Yang, could say anything. East Asia Motion was much popular and powerful than his families Wanyang Industry! However, he quickly thought that the guy only worked for someone else, while he will be the big boss of his family’s companies, so he immediately relaxed and said, “Mr. Yang has immense future prospects and boundless capability. When I take over my family’s business, we might even have a chance to cooperate! At that time, Mr. Yang must not forget me!” Guan Yang said these words in a bid to put himself on a higher pedestal before everyone.

“That is natural!” Yang Yiqun complied on the outside. As for really cooperating in the future, only God knows if it was going to happen or not! After all, he was only a deputy manager of the common department and had no actual authority. He only spoke all the haughty words to appear big before Zhang Xiaoqing!