V4C100 – The Reborn Man Got Played

Intuition told Zhao YanYan that Ye XiaoXiao and I had some important private matters to talk about, and though she wasn’t an outsider, she was still afraid that Ye XiaoXiao might not feel well if she were there.

I gratefully nodded to Zhao YanYan. Although Zhao YanYan would act as a spoiled brat sometimes, acting to be jealous and so on, she would always be mature when it came to important matters. This was also a point that I appreciated her a lot for.

“You… want to recognize him as your son?” Ye XiaoXiao asked with some doubts. Didn’t he know about Little Ye Zi’s life experience?

“Yes. Mama, I think he is much better than the other people who pursue you. I really want him to be my father!” Little Ye Zi looked at me and his look seemed to be saying: see, I am still helping you!

After Ye XiaoXiao listened to me, she breathed out a sigh of relief, “Little Ye Zi, don’t blindly start to get worried about mother’s matters. I will say it again, your uncle Liu absolutely doesn’t have any such meaning, so don’t talk about that!” After saying that, she apologized to me as she said, “Sorry, this child has watched too much television, please don’t mind his words.”

“No, no, I want to recognize Little Ye Zi as my own son willingly. It has nothing to do with pursuing you!” I suddenly remembered the sentence “I love you but it has nothing to do with you!”

Although Ye XiaoXiao really wanted to say “he’s your son but we have nothing to do with you”, when the words came to the tip of the tongue, they turned into, “Our lives are different, we can’t be in the same place!”

“XiaoXiao, listening to Little Ye Zi’s words, I can presume that your husband already left you?” I pretended to ask nonchalantly.

“Yeah, but that has nothing to do with you,” Ye XiaoXiao knew that Little Ye Zi definitely told me about the fact that he didn’t have a father, otherwise, why would he want to recognize me as his father?

“XiaoXiao, what are you trying to escape from?” I suddenly got serious and looked into her eyes!

XiaoXiao was suddenly startled in her heart, did he find out? However, she still kept her calm appearance and said, “What did I try to escape from?”

“Your husband left you, so why have you not gone to look for him?” I looked at Ye XiaoXiao’s calm expression with a smile.

“Argh!” Ye XiaoXiao finally breathed in a sigh of relief, thinking how this guy just scared her to death. This guy was still the same, giving people heart attacks and scares with every sentence! Even after such a long time, she was still played by him! If it wasn’t for keeping her calm a moment ago and his look, she might just have revealed the truth!

“Why should I tell you? I am not familiar with you!” Ye XiaoXiao didn’t know how to reply to this skillful question of mine, so all she could do was reject me by treating me like a stranger.

“Oh, he must be a really ungrateful man! What do you say, Little Ye Zi?” I touched Little Ye Zi’s head and sighed, “If it were me, I would definitely not throw away my wife and abandon my baby!”

As Ye XiaoXiao heard my boastful talk, she glared at me as her lungs were about to explode with rage! However, she couldn’t yell at and reprimand me now, so she could only suppress her anger!

As I looked at Ye XiaoXiao’s face that had turned red, I couldn’t help but be happy at my heart! It was as if we had returned to that time when she was the teacher and I was the student, the times when bickered with each other, and I made her admit defeat again and again!

“Um! I know that daddy…… Uncle Liu is a really good person!” Little Ye Zi thought deeply and nodded in acceptance of my words! However, because his mother was still sitting on the side, he changed his statement from daddy to uncle!

“Well, only a child will really know their father!” I said as I shook my head.

Looking at the “father-son” duo singing the same song before her, Ye XiaoXiao really wanted to violently smash me and leave!

Ye XiaoXiao suppressed the anger in her heart and said, “Yes, Little Ye Zi, you must remember… if one day you see your father, you must beat him up for mother’s sake! Beat him up so hard he will look for his teeth all over the place!”

Little Ye Zi lowered his head and selfishly started to eat the fries.

“Oh, it seems that I need to prepare artificial teeth beforehand!” After I listened to her words, I suddenly said.

“What did you say? You should prepare artificial teeth? What would you prepare artificial teeth for?” Ye XiaoXiao’s heart immediately started to beat fiercely as she wondered had he found out that she was pointing at Mulberry (tree) while cursing the Locust (tree)?

“I need to prepare artificial teeth, so I can eat chicken. You haven’t seen how tough the crispy bones inside this fried chicken are. I can’t bite through!” I pointed at the chicken in front of me.

?? Ye XiaoXiao wondered that you aren’t even old, yet you already want to get artificial teeth? However, since it’s not because you couldn’t find your teeth all over the ground, I won’t care what you do!

“Little Ye Zi, do you hate your real father?” I shifted the topic and suddenly asked Little Ye Zi.

“Ah?” Little Ye Zi serious looked at me and then looked at Ye XiaoXiao and then shook his head.

“Why?” I was somewhat curious. Properly speaking, Little Ye Zi should hate his father for throwing away his wife, leaving a mother and child to fend for themselves!

“Because I know that mother doesn’t hate him. Actually, although mother said that he was a big bastard but when mother is sleeping, she will still shout his name……” Speaking till here, Little Ye Zi suddenly stopped talking…….

“Little Ye Zi, you already knew, right?” I was stunned and asked in a low voice.

Little Ye Zi spat out his tongue towards me and then lowered his head.

Looking at Little Ye Zi’s expression, I had the urge to cry! I was a man who had been reborn! The incarnation of smart and invincible! Yet, I actually got played by a three-year-old child!

I finally understood what they meant by waves overtaking waves, and the disciple surpassing the master!

Now that I recalled everything that had happened till now, I suddenly understood that Little Ye Zi had been acting all this time! Although this child might have watched a lot of TV shows and idol dramas since young, no matter how precocious, he still would not accept someone as his father so casually! Let alone encourage someone to pursue his own mother!

But now, the only explanation that fit was that Little Ye Zi already knew about who I was, and he had wanted to help me get together with Ye XiaoXiao!

From the indiscreet remark from Little Ye Zi a moment ago, I could understand that he had certainly heard Ye XiaoXiao accidentally call my name while sleeping or dreaming, and he may even have seen photos of me! When I saw Ye XiaoXiao just now, Little Ye Zi heard the name she called me with and that was exactly the name Little Ye Zi had a profound impression of!

It seems that it’s not just me who has the spirit of a genius, even my child is a genius. It wasn’t my fake magic trick that attracted Little Ye Zi, instead, he had already accepted me in his heart and knew that I was his father!

I had thought that I was the one tempting Little Ye Zi here, but in the end, it was me who got calculated against!

If it were someone else who had played me like this, I would definitely be really angry out of shame. However, the person who did that and the reason was special, not only was I not angry, I was happy! The son is stronger than his father, it was, of course, a matter to be happy about. Otherwise, if the next generation was inferior to the previous, how would this society develop and progress towards the future!

As I finished thinking about this issue, I said with a relaxed smile, “Our Little Ye Zi is very intelligent. It’s always been me, your father, tricking other people into doing his bidding – I never expected that I would get tricked one day! My son, you must go home with your father in the evening……”

Just when I finished speaking, I suddenly saw that Ye XiaoXiao’s expression was very cold. There were disdain and disgust in her eyes.