V4C235 – Happy Life (Finale)

The Bright Flame Calendar, First Year, November 10. The Bright Flame Empire was officially founded.

Under the mediation of the Nima People, the Dark Tribe and Bright Flame Tribe integrated into one, sharing the world. My subordinates on Earth also shifted over to the Bright Flame World.

And I, as the founder of the Bright Flame Empire, am standing tall above the Bright Flame Temple at this moment. I am the first Bright Flame Emperor of the Bright Flame World!

Besides me are Zhao Yanyan, Ye Xiaoxiao, Chen Wei’er, Xia Jing, Xu Ruoyun, Liu Yue, Yu Ting, Meng QingQing, Su Yingzi, Shirley, Liu Xiang, Yang Mei, Wu Yingying, Xu Xueyun, Wang Shu, He Xiyuan, and Shui Ling’er, my 17 wives. The one standing before me is my son, Liu Ye!

The heads under me are Lyles, Guo Qing, Du Xiaowei, Zha Junsheng, Su Yuanchan, Chen Yong, Shui Beishan, and the others. My parents, on the other hand, didn’t attend the founding of the empire.

Lyles was experienced in managing a government, so he became the first prime minister of the Bright Flame World.

Guo Qing took the greatest military post of the Bright Flame World, becoming the Mister of War, commanding all the military power of the Bright Flame World. As Guo Qing and I are best brothers, there’s no way for him to betray me. If he isn’t trustworthy in my eyes, then no one else in the world will be trustworthy! I couldn’t bring myself to give hold of this organization to anyone else, so I left it in Guo Qing’s hand, feeling relieved.

Fatty Wu became Guo Qing’s assistant, helping him manage the military. Fatty Wu was Wu Yingying’s brother and has a good relationship with me, so I wasn’t worried about him.

Du Xiaowei commands all the judicial business, becoming the Minister of Justice. Naturally, security and spy organizations also belong to him and are under his authority. These were Du Xiaowei’s strong points.

Zhao Junsheng became the Minister of Finance, having the power over all financials of the empire. Don’t think I appointed him due to favoritism. The department is just too important and Zhao Junsheng could manage it well, as managing finances was his forte!

Su Yuanchao became the Minister of Trade, managing the economic construction of the empire.

Sun Sikong became the Mister of Public Work, responsible for the advancement of technology and construction of the empire.

Chen Yong’s management ability was quite outstanding as well, and he assisted Lyles work, becoming the Vice Prime Minister. As for Shui Beishan, I also gave him the position of Vice Prime Minister, but Shui Beishan didn’t want too much fame, he was satisfied with the respect he had, and he was hardly involved in the work.

The empire adopted the Prime Minister system, with the Emperor’s duty being appointing people in suitable positions. In other words, although I am not directly involved, I have the greatest power in my hands! I can appoint and dismiss all official positions at any time!

With this power in hand, I don’t have to afraid of anyone betraying me! Moreover, the army is still firmly under my hands!

The entire empire took part in celebrations. As for me, I lived my life free and unrestrained! The Bright Flame Emperor doesn’t have to do any work! He just has to enjoy life!

Lyles is indeed a great prime minister. He took the benefit of people as his main duty, resulting in the rapid development of the Bright Flame World, giving him incredible merit!

To improve the overall physical qualities of the planet’s people, my Spiritual Ability Heart Law was simplified, optimized, and popularized by Sun Sikong. The overall lifespan of the people is very important for the development of a planet like Bright Flame World. Everything was going well.

The people of the Dark Tribe and the Bright Flame Tribe also started to follow the fashion of the Nima Star, and so, no one could tell which tribe someone was from!

Because everyone’s dressing and way of speaking are almost the same, anyone could fall in love with anyone and get married.

The economic and technological construction of the Bright Flame World also took a huge leap! After a large number of technical and social talents were trained, they were given various positions in the empire!

Of course, the industry on Earth was still developing as well. The Gang was completely taken over by Ding Baosan, and the affairs of the Shuguang Group were taken over by Meng Family. The Meng and Liu Family were unwilling to come to Bright Flame as they were used to living on Earth. Maybe, one day, they will come over, but not now.

When the entire empire is on the right track, my happy life of blessings and s*x began…

Although my status on the Bright Flame World is similar to that of God, and I am also the first Emperor, at home, I don’t allow others to address me as “Great Emperor” or “God” because that is too irritable.

Every day, I just play with my life. I finally understood the meaning of having a blissful life of an immortal! Shui Ling’er also finally crossed the threshold. Although she is the only interracial beauty among my wives, no one excluded her, instead, she was living quite harmoniously with Zhao Yanyan and the others! This made me and my mom very happy!

It’s just that my mom was urging me every day and asking when I am going to give her a few more grandsons and granddaughters? However, I am helpless. My wives are quite afraid of giving birth and the pain of pregnancy, especially after Ye Xiaoxiao told them of the time and hardships when she had Little Ye, the wives decided that they will not give birth to a child! And with extreme discontent, they told me: I should be satisfied with Little Ye! What do I even want so many children for? Women are not there to suffer pain, nor are they machines for having children! {TL: The fuck?}

Those words from them dumbfounded me!

But for me, listening to Lyles weekly report was the most painful matter! It was a custom I set. All major decisions made in the empire must be reported to me every week and ask for my suggestions!

Although I have a firm grasp of everything, it is quite tiring! But I knew this was the only way to go and this rule couldn’t be abolished. Only in this way can corruption be destroyed, and bureaucrats controlled. Otherwise, the empire might just take the old route of feudal society!

Therefore, the matter I hope for most is for Little Ye to grow up soon and take over my position!

But, matters are not always as one wants them to be.

In the garden of the temple. {TL: The temple is the palace!}

“Young master, you can take it slow. You are only six years old, so you can learn Martial Arts anytime!” A man with a butler uniform stood next to the sweaty Little Ye.

“Uncle Liu, I am practicing hard so my father can teach me more! In the future, I must be like my father!” Little Ye nodded to the butler and said with a smile.

“Young master, I know you have lofty ideals and want to grow up as soon as possible to help your father share some burden, but you must take some rest. Otherwise, there will be no good result, and the two madames will scold me to death!” The butler said bitterly.

“Eh? Who said I want to help my father share some burden in his duties?” Little Ye asked with confusion.

“What did you say, Young master, what else are you going to do then?” The butler couldn’t make sense of his words.

“I want to grow up quickly and then go out to pick up girls! I must inherit the glorious tradition of my father and find myself a large number of wives!” Little Ye said and vowed.

“Ah…” Listening to his words, the butler almost fell to the ground.

“Dear, the food is ready. The master and his wives are already at the dining table, we should also go with Little Ye!” A young married woman walked out and shouted towards the butler.

“Laura, you go first… I will accompany the Young master to do some exercise for a while first…” The butler thought: how come I am not as heroic as the Young Master and the Master? I was pinned down by a single woman. Oh, how the difference between people makes one mad!

This butler is Liu Kesheng whose life was saved by me! He is now the butler of the Temple! After being saved he married Laura. Laura then became the female steward at the Temple and is responsible for the kitchen and cleaning up, while Liu Kesheng took care of some other things. And accompanying Little Ye is also one of his jobs!

Liu Kesheng was quite fearful and apprehensive now as Little Ye spent the most time with him every day. If Little Ye’s mother found out about her son’s great ideals, he would be the one at the tip of the blade! It must be known that now, Liu Kesheng was the most afraid of Ye Xiaoxiao as she was once his homeroom teacher for a year!

Afraid of incurring her wrath, Liu Kesheng immediately told me of this matter first. And after I listened to Little Ye’s lofty ideals, my mouth hung wide open and I couldn’t say anything for a long time! This was too outrageous, right?

However, what could I do? I had already enjoyed myself and did all that, so I couldn’t just stop my son from enjoying himself however he wanted, could I? In desperation, I could only endure for a few more years. Maybe, after a few years, Zhao Yanyan and the others will give me another son, and I can train him to take over my position!

However, before I could have a son, Liu Kesheng and Laura had a daughter. This impudent and shameless guy wanted to climb the ranks and become family with me, wanting me to take his daughter as my daughter-in-law. Who knew what his daughter looked like. It would be good if she looked like Laura, but if she looked like Liu Kesheng, then we will be damned!

So I didn’t agree and just said we will discuss later. However, Liu Kesheng’s daughter, Liu Nianyao, had been together with Little Ye since childhood. Since Little Ye had no other playmates in his childhood, the two became childhood friends.

Although I wasn’t very optimistic about this marriage, I was helpless. Ye Xiaoxiao and Zhao Yanyan were very approving of the relationship, while Liu Kesheng, that fellow was smirking self-satisfied. He had that expression of saying: Hehe, I have finally won one over you!

However, as Liu Nianyao aged over the years, she turned out to be even more beautiful than her mother, Laura! Little Ye was also getting intimate, kissing, and hugging the girl all the time when others weren’t around!

Damn, I had to recognize it! Liu Kesheng, this guy, was finally on the same level as me! We became family!

Originally, I thought that with Liu Nianyao, Little Ye will have a change of heart. If Liu Nianyao inherited her mother’s fine tradition, she might just tie Little Ye’s heart to herself, and I was happy about it. After all, the sooner Little Ye took over my position, I could go out and play around and live unrestrained!

However, when Little Ye turned eighteen, he solemnly announced that the Bright Flame World didn’t mean anything to him, and he wanted to go to Earth to pursue beauties!

At that time, I looked at Liu Nianyao so she could say something in opposition! However, who would have thought that the girl would yell, “Brother Liu Ye, I support you!” {Liu Lei: Pikachu Face!}

As I listened, I almost fell to the ground!

Finally, Liu Ye went on his pilgrimage for a colorful life!

{TL: Finally, Very Pure and Ambiguous is finished!}

V4C234 – Peace And Recovery

“But, even if you are convinced, I will still not forgive you! You missed the last chance for repentance! You are a very dangerous person who will bear a grudge, no doubt! I am not going to leave a ticking bomb by my side!” I shook my head.

“Corlett, go ahead and deal with him. But, don’t make it too painful for him, after all, we had worked together for a long time!” I shook my head, sighed, and turned away.

A beam of light pulverized Xu Qingwei into countless light particles that were soon dispersed by the wind…

The small silver spaceship landed on the ground and a fat and thin man came out from inside. The two were exactly the two I helped in Antarctica, the aliens!

Bright Flame World recovered its calm and everything began to recover…

Moving back to a few days ago.

On the day Zhao Yanyan told me two people came to visit me, they were exactly Lyles and Corlett from the Nima World!

And unexpectedly, Lyles turned out to be the Lord of the Nima World! What’s more, he was also the commander of the Nima World! I was quite surprised once I found out his status! Surprisingly, I had saved the commander of an alien race!

As for why Lyles came to look for me, it was to discuss the future of their world with me. According to their scientific forecast, the Nima World will soon have a massive catastrophe. The Spiritual Energy inside the planet was going to break out together with a massive volcanic eruption! Unfortunately, the size of the Nima World is very small, so if the volcano erupted, it will destroy the entire planet!

As the commander of the Nima World, Lyles had to find a solution. After considering the issue, the best way to save everyone was to carry out mass immigration! But finding a planet that meets the living condition of the Nima World is not easy, so Lyles immediately thought of Earth. On Earth, he only knew me, so he decided to discuss the matter with me, to see if he could move his people to Earth!

But with the current political situation on Earth, no country would have welcomed Lyles and his people! After all, who would want to have a group of uncontrollable factors in their territory?

Therefore, Lyles and I discussed the situation. Although the Nima World had technology far advanced than Earth, they had a limited population. Moreover, once the war launched, Lyles wasn’t sure of the result. After all, he wasn’t sure just how many people on Earth had the same abilities as me. They would be screwed if there was an entire army like me!

This also allowed me to paint Earth as a very terrifying place for his people! I told him there were many people with the same abilities as me, and there were even some with even more formidable strength! I didn’t deceive him though, after all, my Elder Brother Yama (King of Hell) is indeed formidable!

My words terrified Lyles, making him realize how dangerous that place was!

Then, I extended an olive branch. I let him know the Bright Flame World was very safe, moreover, it was my territory. After some calculations, I told him his people could move there, and I could also give Lyles an official title!

I felt I was quite evil. Just a few days ago I was fretting over finding people to lead the cultural advancement on the Bright Flame World, and Lyles came to the door at the right time! Moreover, he still had to be thankful to me!

With such tempting conditions, Lyles certainly wouldn’t refuse, and he immediately agreed. Moreover, he promised me to use the technology of the Nima World to build the Bright Flame World!

Therefore, this all took place.

I had already found out Zhao Yanyan’s reason for rebirth, but I couldn’t figure out why Xu Qingwei could be reborn!

But when I talked to Brother Yama (King of Hell) over the telephone, I came to know the entire story!

In my previous life, when I drank to death on Zhao Yanyan and Xu Qingwei’s wedding, Zhao Yanyan took a lot of sleeping pills and committed suicide! Because Zhao Yanyan had committed suicide for love, she was given a chance to regain her true love, meaning she took the so-called “Pursuing Love Pill”!

After she swallowed the “Pursuing Love Pill”, Zhao Yanyan’s soul returned to the past high school Zhao Yanyan. It was similar to rebirth, but not truly rebirth because the memories of her first life would be sealed!

But the underworld had regulations that stipulated Zhao Yanyan must obtain the love of the concerned person within a year of taking the drug. Only after she got in bed with me would the toxicity of the pill melt and she would gradually restore the memories of her past life.

Later, when Zhao Yanyan had those several dreams of the past life, they were the indication of her recovering her memories! And because of the drug that she took, my body changed and gained Spiritual Powers!

As for why Zhao Yanyan’s memory didn’t fully recover in a year… When Elder Brother Yama (King of Hell) told me the reason, I was quite embarrassed! The answer is very simple. It was because Zhao Yanyan didn’t get all my love, and only received part of it! It was because I had already given part of my love for Chen Wei’er and Ye Xiaoxiao!

What Zhao Yanyan obtained was only one-third or some more love, therefore, her memories didn’t fully recover, and she had those dreams with fragments of memories from the past life!

Although she obtained only one-third, she still obtained my love! The underworld didn’t have any regulations against that, so Zhao Yanyan didn’t die due to the pill’s toxicity.

That was why Zhao Yanyan could be reborn! I remember when I was reborn I was always thinking of Zhao Yanyan of this world and Zhao Yanyan of the past life, and always wondered if the person I loved was the same or not? But now that I knew that Zhao Yanyan is my former Zhao Yanyan, it made me infinitely happy!

After all, it was my dream in my past life, and I finally realized my dream! It can be said I have no regrets in my two lifetimes anymore!

As for Xu Qingwei, the reason for his rebirth is also ridiculous, and the reason was the same as Zhao Yanyan! Since he also committed suicide for love, he received an opportunity to be born again! But because there was only one “Pursuing Love Pill”, and Zhao Yanyan ate it, Xu Qingwei didn’t get it!

However, since Xu Qingwei had also committed suicide in the name of love, the underworld couldn’t discriminate against him while favoring the other, right? So, Yama (King of Hell) simply turned a blind eye to the matter, letting the judges make Xu Qingwei covertly sign a rebirth agreement!

This rebirth agreement was quite different from mine! Although Xu Qingwei’s rebirth was because he committed suicide for love, the target of his love had also died already, so he could only go on the path of the wronged.

How was he wronged? Xu Qingwei was wronged in the sense that his bride committed suicide for another man on his wedding night! It was quite unjust with him, at least, Xu Qingwei believed he had been wronged!

What was the path of the wronged? It’s simple, the person who had been wronged also had the chance to be reborn. However, after being reborn, they must kill the person who wronged them, or else, they would be banished to the lowest pit of hell after death, forever to not reincarnate!

Like that, once Xu Qingwei signed the agreement, he was able to be reborn! However, when Xu Qingwei was in the underworld, he had seen the appearance of the 18 layers of hell, and was scared beyond salvation! That’s why Xu Qingwei wanted to kill me no matter how!

Hatred was one thing, but the most important thing was he didn’t want to be banished to the 18th floor of hell after death!

And because of the regulations of the underworld that stipulated the target must not know he is targeted, Brother Yama (King of Hell) didn’t tell me about this matter. This was also the reason Brother Yama (King of Hell) arranged for Jiao Yazi to appear by my side.

Moreover, Brother Yama (King of Hell) didn’t just govern the life and death of earthlings, he governed the life and death of other extraterrestrials as well!

Brother Yama was quite aware of Xu Qingwei’s actions in the world of the living, but because of regulations, he couldn’t tell me about it. But no one said he couldn’t make the volcano under the Nima World erupt, forcing Lyles to look for me on Earth, playing a helpful role!

For Yama (King of Hell), making a mere volcano erupt to control the life and death of someone is no big deal!

Therefore, although it was a crooked method of forcing a race to abandon their world, it did help me in crucial moments!

Listening to the process, I rejoiced over the fact that I recognized Brother Yama (King of Hell) for my elder brother! He had been silently helping me all this time!

As for Xu Qingwei, he was suffering torture in the second layer of hell, according to Brother Yama (King of Hell)!

V4C233 – Sincerely Convinced

“Hmph, of course! It should be my rule here!” Xu Qingwei said coldly, “I built the Dark Tribe! Soon, I will become the supreme lord of this world, and Zhao Yanyan will also be mine! Although she is second-hand, I don’t care! Haha, she is my dream! Even though there is a gap between dreams and reality, I will surely make her fall in love with me! Because you will no longer exist!”

“What the heck are you talking about?” I looked at Xu Qingwei who seemed to be turning crazy and said, “Do you think I will allow you to make a comeback?”

“Allow me to make a comeback? That’s laughable! When the time comes, it’s you who won’t have a chance to make a comeback!” Xu Qingwei said with a maniacal smile, “Liu Lei, do you think I will leave you any leeway?”

I looked at Xu Qingwei and shook my head. This man was incurable! If he had shown a bit of remorse, I might have let him go, but now, he can’t blame me for being impolite!

However, Xu Qingwei didn’t seem to have any intention to let me go.

“Liu Lei, do you think I only had those chess pieces?” Xu Qingwei said with a smile, “Humph, Yu Gang, that guy, was just there to confuse your line of sight. Did you take him seriously?”

I knew that what Xu Qingwei said might just be the truth. How could a person like Yu Gang be the ultimate Boss? But what could be Xu Qingwei’s final trick? Did he still have any more chess pieces? The people around me don’t have to be doubted, while the other chess pieces, no matter how many he has, can do nothing against me. So, what is he even going to do?

“Liu Lei, you don’t have to waste time thinking further. Even if you racked your brain thinking, you wouldn’t find out that when I was developing those weapons for you, I already left myself a leeway selfishly. The weapons I have already a generation ahead of what you have! Originally, I hadn’t planned to kill you immediately as I planned to borrow your subordinates in the development of the Bright Flame World before killing you! But now that you know about my plan, I can’t keep you alive!” Xu Qingwei sneered.

“Good, I had indeed underestimated you!” I said and waved my hand, shooting an energy beam towards Xu Qingwei’s brain. I decided to turn him into an idiot and let him fend for himself.

But suddenly, something strange happened! Even though my energy came into contact with Xu Qingwei’s body, nothing happened!

“It’s useless, Liu Lei. Yu Gang could only interfere with your Spiritual Power, while I can completely defend myself!” Xu Qingwei said with a massive grin, “Hahaha, you never thought of this, did you? The clothes I am wearing are a layer of armor!”

I frowned. I didn’t expect Xu Qingwei to be so cunning to still have a hand he had to play. He had conducted quite some suspicious studies!

“Liu Lei, it’s time for you to die! Don’t hesitate, you must have some last words to say?” Xu Qingwei said with a crazy expression, “Oh, right, I can take care of your women for you. Haha!”

“Do you only know how to laugh?” I looked at Xu Qingwei coldly.

“Good! Since you want to die like this, I will fulfill your wish!” Seeing me still have a calm expression, Xu Qingwei said with disdain, “Look toward the sky!”

Xu Qingwei raised his hand and pointed towards a warship which immediately turned into a flaming orb.

“What is your ability worth? Your abilities are no longer comparable to advanced technology!” Xu Qingwei said pridefully, “Do you think your abilities are invincible? Wrong! Look at me… Just this thin layer of armor is all I need to kill you easily!”

I looked at Xu Qingwei and shook my head with some regret. This guy could be considered a technological genius. Just that, his ambition is too big, and his pursuit for power and women has led him to madness! He is almost insane!

“What? You don’t believe me?” Seeing my gaze that seemed to be looking down on him, Xu Qingwei became enraged. Immediately, he pointed towards a hill and the hill disappeared into nothing.

“I believe you, how could I not believe you?” I smiled, “But you are too self-confident. You were able to have weapons a generation ahead of our lab using the blueprints I gave you, so do you believe I don’t have any other secret weapon?”

“You? Boss Liu, it’s not that I am looking down on you! In our past life, we worked as colleagues for such a long time, and I am quite clear on how your talent lay in using people and management, not in technology! Without exaggerating, it won’t be wrong to say you have no sense for innovation and technology! As for you coming up with advanced technology from the future, we both know it was just a cheat as you were reborn, and also got your hands on extraterrestrial technology somehow! As for you, what have you invented yourself? Hmph, you have a secret weapon? Even if you kill me, I won’t believe!” Xu Qingwei sneered.

“Indeed, I am no good at this stuff! But it doesn’t mean others aren’t either! You also said I am good at using people!” I said with a smile.

“Others? Are you kidding me? Here, you only have two tech geniuses, Sun Sikong and I. As for Sun Sikong’s technology, I am quite clear about it! Well, I must thank you. If you hadn’t given me that opportunity, I would never have had a chance to kill you in my life!” Xu Qingwei said.

“Oh, well, since you don’t believe me, I can’t do anything!” I shook my head and said, “Lyles, come out, I will hand this guy over to you!”

Suddenly, a small silverish, saucer-like spaceship spinning rapidly appeared in the sky. From the spaceship, a ray of light was projected towards Xu Qingwei.

“Xu Qingwei, do you still have any moves left?” I looked at Xu Qingwei, who had already gone man, and shook my head.

“You… Liu Lei, what is this! Impossible, how can you have something still up your sleeves? Who are those people? I already investigated, you have no other research base on earth except for ours!” Xu Qingwei said with incredulity.

“Yeah, that’s right, I only had that one research base with you!” I nodded.

“Then, they are…?” Xu Qingwei looked at the small flying saucer-shaped object in the sky! He knew that although the thing appeared to be small, it had incredible power! He couldn’t comprehend how advanced it was compared to the things he had researched!

“Oh, they are my friends, Lyles and Corlett, from Nima World!” I said with a confident smile, “All of our extraterrestrial technology was provided by them. So, do you believe you can be more advanced than them?”

“What! Aliens!” Xu Qingwei looked at me panic-strickenly, “Liu Lei, even after considering everything, I would have never thought you would get aliens to help you! Liu Lei, I have lost, and I recognize my loss! This time, I am sincerely convinced. You are indeed born to be a leader, you can make good use of all resources! In this aspect, I lost and am inferior to you!”

V4C232 – Mastermind

I had to acknowledge Liu Kesheng’s courage was praiseworthy! It’s one thing to be killed by Yu Gang, and another to snatch the remote control and blow himself up!

Indeed, it was as Liu Kesheng said, he finally got to be a true man! Moreover, he played this move splendidly, garnering my sympathy!

The device that interfered with my Special Abilities might have been in Yu Gang’s body, because, as soon as he died, my powers were unrestricted.

This kind of thing made me very surprised and confused. The person behind Yu Gang developed such a device to restrict my Spiritual Energy! It was a strange feeling. I have been aware of this fact for a long time now. I realized that the purpose of the device is to interfere with my attention and prevent me from focusing my Spiritual Energy!

Although I didn’t know the specific implementation method, I guessed it must have released some sort of sound wave that interfered with people’s attention. It may not work on ordinary people, but it was useful against me!

Although Liu Kesheng and I had many grudges before, at this moment, I completely forgave him for what he had just done.

Who wasn’t young and impulsive? Who didn’t make mistakes when they were young? In the final analysis, Liu Kesheng had only been a child at that time. Since he was young, it was natural to be frivolous and not know the immensity of the sky and vastness of the earth. At least, I think I wouldn’t have been able to make the sacrifice at such a time.

Everything seemed to have returned to calm. Chen Yong and Chen Wei’er were saved. There were not many subordinates of the mysterious person. After they saw Yu Gang get killed, they chose to surrender. To them, losing Yu Gang was akin to losing formidable technological support!

“Brother Liu, let’s go back,” Xu Qingwei stood by my side and said lightly.

“Go back? Go back and do what?” I looked at him and asked.

“Everything is over. We should clean up everything here and return soon, then continue to build the Bright Flame World!” Xu Qingwei said.

“Continue to build? So you can be emperor?” I gave him a side glance.

“Emperor? Boss Liu, what do you mean by that?” Xu Qingwei was stunned and asked with some awkwardness.

“XU. QING. WEI!” I suddenly turned around and said, “Acknowledge it! The person behind Yu Gang is you!”

“Acknowledge? What do I acknowledge? What do you mean by behind? Boss Liu, what are you trying to say? Why can’t I understand?” Xu Qingwei had an inexplicable expression.

“You are quite capable!” I said to him lightly, “Don’t tell me Yu Gang was the ultimate BOSS? He isn’t worthy!”

“Boss Liu, wasn’t that Yu Gang your enemy?”

“Personal enemy? Hehe, that’s true. But can an insignificant person even turn into a dragon, and rush over to the Bright Flame World? Where can he get so many high-tech products? He couldn’t have also gone through rebirth?” I said with a sneer.

Listening to my words, Xu Qingwei’s complexion suddenly changed. After a while, he sighed, “Alright, what made you suspect me?”

“Since you want to know that, I will let you know! First, when I saw Liu Kesheng’s modern technology, I suspected that the mastermind might be someone from our laboratory! With how similar our technology is, it is impossible for Yu Gang to have developed it, right?” I said.

“But didn’t you say the technology was given to you by aliens? Why couldn’t Yu Gang have also received it from aliens?” Xu Qingwei asked.

“That’s impossible. As for why that is… I can’t tell you now.” I looked at Xu Qingwei and said, “Xu Qingwei, I suspect you have good reasons!

Do you remember what you said to me when Liu Kesheng first attacked our city? You said Liu Kesheng was misled by Lowell and attacked us!

How did you know the Xixi Tribe had submitted to the Dark Tribe? That was something we had been unaware of! Don’t tell me you are a clairvoyant! This is one of the reasons!

Second, Liu Kesheng joining forces with me happened in complete confidentiality. Liu Kesheng thoroughly hid this from his subordinates, and the only people who knew about this were you, Sun Sikong, and I. Not even Shui Ling’er or Shui Beishan knew of this, so how come the news got leaked? The only possible explanation is if you are the mastermind and already knew of this matter!

Third, and the most dubious reason is the fact that these special instruments were designed specifically to counter my Spiritual Prowess! The only ones who have conducted systematic research on my Spiritual Energy are you and Sun Sikong, and only you know the principles behind the working of my Spiritual Power! So the only person who can create such a counter for me is you!

Xu Qingwei, so what have you got to defend yourself?”

“Can’t it be Sun Sikong? He also knows all this, and he is also an insider. Moreover, he can also make this equipment!” Xu Qingwei said.

“Indeed, Sun Sikong can! But the biggest difference between you and Sun Sikong is there is only technology in his eyes and no other desire! If one is to say he has any desire, then that is to only do research non-stop!” I looked at Xu Qingwei and continued, “But you are not like him. Although you are also a technology talent, you have normal desires! It could easily be inferred from the company you had started in the past! Moreover, I don’t believe a reborn person will have no ambition and will be willing to be under someone else for the rest of their lives! Isn’t that right, Xu Qingwei, my former assistant!”

“Not bad! Now, I don’t have to waste time explaining too much!” Xu Qingwei looked at me, his face gradually revealing an expression of grievance, “I love Zhao Yanyan! In my previous life, I had gotten Zhao Yanyan, but you just had to mess it up!”

“I messed it up? Didn’t I toast you at the wedding and drink myself to death?” I looked at Xu Qingwei inexplicably.

“That’s right! But you, you didn’t die earlier, nor did you die later, instead, you just had to die right at that time! You know what? It was the final step, just one more step, yet I had to watch my bride commit suicide for another man!” Xu Qingwei said with a contorted face, “Dammit, it was even worse than being cuckolded, so uncomfortable! You can’t even imagine the mood I had then!

And the one responsible for all this was you — Liu Lei! I secretly vowed at that time, if the time could turn back, I would take revenge on you! And fortunately, I also got the chance to be born again! Hahaha!

Seeing that I was close to success, I never expected you to pop up and oppose my plans! The Bright Star World was discovered by me first, but who would have thought it would be taken over by you, a latecomer!

You had asked us to find a star with life, so I ditched Sun Sikong, and discovered this star by myself! I wanted to establish my state here, yet you discovered it as well!

Why, why does every good thing only happen to you? Why must I remain as your subordinate forever!”

“What? You said you were the one who discovered the Bright Flame World?” I couldn’t help but be stunned listening to Xu Qingwei’s words.

V4C231 – Unexpectedly, It’s Him!

“Hehe, so you can’t guess? Even if you racked your brain, you wouldn’t be able to think of it!” The mysterious man laughed and said, “Is it very painful? You thought everything was under control, yet now, you realize how wrong your thinking had been all this time! That everything was completely different!”

“What do you want to do?” I got enraged looking at the mysterious man acting like that. I didn’t like people being so arrogant in front of me.

“What I want to do? Simple! Hand over all your territory on the Yan Huang World, the two scientists by your side, and also, leave behind your women!” The mysterious man said with a laugh.

“You… since you know of my situation, aren’t you afraid of my Special Abilities?” I asked.

“Afraid? Originally, I was very afraid, but here, your Special Abilities are nullified! I am wearing the latest protective equipment right now, so your Special Abilities can’t do anything to me!” The mysterious man said with disdain.

“Well, since you are so confident, then let me see who you are. So that I can lose understanding why!” I said calmly.

“Alright, I will satisfy this little wish of yours,” the mysterious man said as he took off the bamboo hat and revealed his appearance!

He is… Unexpectedly, it’s it!

“Are you surprised? Is it inconceivable? Isn’t it? You finally understand why I caught Chen Yong and Chen Wei’er, right? Hahaha!” The voice of the mysterious person had returned to normal, but it sounded very harsh!

It was Yu Gang! {TL: Yu Gang was the guy who wanted to buy Chen Wei’er’s first night for 80,000 Yuan!}

At least, his head was that of Yu Gang!

“Yu Gang!” I was indeed surprised. I had never imagined the mysterious person to be someone of such little significance! I hadn’t even thought about this guy!

“Hehe, still remember me!” Yu Gang laughed, “Motherfucker, Liu Lei, I finally got you today! Look at what you have turned me into! First, you took away Chen Wei’er from my hands! Then you seriously injured me! Now, I don’t have even one working body-part from head to toe! I even have to use this mechanical armor to walk! I hate you to death!

Oh, are you very confused right now? Then I will dispel your doubts! Do you want to know why I found someone to shoot Guo Qing? It’s because I hate him! I want to kill him! This armor I am wearing is all thanks to him! I have lost the pleasure available to even the most basic man now! It was all thanks to Guo Qing! That’s why I must kill him!

As for Chen Yong, humph, this guy had initially promised to sell his sister to me, yet he reneged and sold her to you! For this kind of betrayal, I had to teach him a lesson!

He! As for Chen Wei’er, it goes without saying! I have been coveting her for a long time now! Although I can’t do her now, I can still keep her as a vase!

And Liu Kesheng, since you betrayed me, you should know the fate of those who betray me!” While speaking, Yu Gang took out a remote control from who knows where, and looked at Liu Kesheng, “Humph! I had already installed a bomb in your body. Haha, like a chess piece, you have to do what a chess piece does! Do you know the fate of an abandoned piece? It’s destruction! I will ruin you first!”

Seeing the remote control in Yu Gang’s hand, Liu Kesheng’s face twitched fiercely. He turned his head to look at me, then he looked at the mysterious man. Clenching his teeth, he suddenly started to curse, “Motherfucker, I, Liu Kesheng, am also a man! Fuck your mom, you aren’t even a man anymore, so why would I want to listen to you?”

“You… How dare you curse me? Before, weren’t you kneeling to me and begging for mercy?” Yu Gang was stunned by Liu Kesheng’s response. He had thought of Liu Kesheng as a timid man, that’s why he had initially taken him in as a chess piece!

“Cursed you? Why, can’t I curse you?” Liu Kesheng walked toward Yu Gang while cursing him, “Not only did I curse you, I am also going to beat you up!”

“Beat me?” Yu Gang laughed, “Good, so what are you going to beat me with?” Saying this, Yu Gang moved around his mechanical arm and said, “Can you even beat me? It’s the most ridiculous joke I have ever heard! With my entire body made of steel, how are you going to win if we fight?”

“Why can’t I?” Liu Kesheng smiled sinisterly and rushed in front of Yu Gang.

“What’s your meaning?” Yu Gang was stunned.

“Get out of the way!” Liu Kesheng suddenly yelled and snatched the remote control from Yu Gang’s hand, pressing the button.

“You are a man of steel, huh? Motherfucker, I don’t believe you aren’t afraid of being blasted by explosives!” Just as Liu Kesheng finished his words, there was a loud “bang”! The bomb exploded and he and Yu Gang were flung in the air.

Yu Gang’s body was an electronic device, so it instantly caught on fire, turning Yu Gang into a man of fire immediately. As for Liu Kesheng, he laid on the ground in a pool of blood!

I never even dreamt of Liu Kesheng using his body to kill someone else! I had a feeling I couldn’t describe? Was I moved? Or was it pity? Or…

Liu Kesheng had also struggled for a long time in his heart before making the final decision!

Liu Kesheng was very clear about the mysterious man’s (Yu Gang) style. He knew the man won’t let him go. So instead of being killed by him, it was better to pull him to hell!

Second, Liu Kesheng wanted to gamble! Since Yu Gang had used some petty trick to seal my powers, it was possible that after he got rid of Yu Gang, my powers would return!

As for the might of my powers, Liu Kesheng was very clear. Xu Ruoyun had almost been killed by Li Boliang, yet I could still save her. So Liu Kesheng was gambling that I will save him!

“Liu Lei… All this time, you must… think that I am just someone who plays petty schemes and tricks and is a coward…? Haha, I, Liu Kesheng, can also be a real man even if one once! Help me tell Zhao Yanyan… Everything before was my wrong…” Liu Kesheng closed his eyes before he could finish his words.

“Liu Kesheng!” A woman screamed and ran to Liu Kesheng’s side…

The person running over was the daughter of Lowell, Xixi Tribe’s former clan head!

“Laura, I can’t make it… I am very happy I got to meet you…” Liu Kesheng said with difficulty.

Was this woman called Laura? I felt it was crazy, but it seems Liu Kesheng had found his one true love. Now that I looked at him, I sympathized with him.

Although I knew Liu Kesheng’s action was done under Yu Gang’s pressure, it was the best choice to drag the enemy down with him! However, this newfound courage in Liu Kesheng made me feel somewhat inconceivable!

After all, Liu Kesheng had always given me the impression of a sinister coward. Every time we engaged in fights, he always pushed others ahead and never came to the frontlines! This was something only those who feared death would do!

The reason why he betrayed Yu Gang this time was because of my formidable strength, and because he felt threatened with Yu Gang behind his back! He had never thought Yu Gang would already know of his betrayal, abandoning him altogether long ago.

V4C230 – Who Is It?

“Boss, according to the survey of our subordinates, the enemy headquarters is below!” Du Xiaowei said to me.

“Below?” I looked at the smooth ground, “You mean, underground?”

“Yes, it should be underground!” Du Xiaowei said firmly.

“Well, let all the warships prepare for battle, then show up!” I said.

“Understood!” Du Xiaowei immediately issued an order, and all the warships became visible, turning the sky black.

“Liu Kesheng, you take the stage. Deploy the Dark 3 Warships and resist!” The mysterious person looked at the screen and issued orders. However, as he issued the orders, there was a ruthless and sinister sneer on the corner of his mouth. ‘Those who violate my orders, just wait for their deaths! Humph!’

In the southwest direction in the sky, there were also thousands of warships similar to the Third-Generation Bright Flame Warships, with the only difference being their black bodies!

“Boss, what should we do now? Are you prepared to fight to the bitter end?” Du Xiaowei quickly asked after he saw the situation.

“No need!” I said with a smile, “Prepare to welcome them! They aren’t our enemies.”

“Not our enemies?” Du Xiaowei was stunned, “What happened?”

“You will understand later!” I said, “This is Liu Kesheng’s fleet. The reason I say this is because I have already reached a secret agreement with Liu Kesheng!”

Sure enough, after Liu Kesheng’s fleet quickly approached us, they didn’t attack us, and instead, merged with our fleet.

Rebellion! This was undoubtedly a big blow to the enemy! However, I wasn’t very optimistic! Because, from the current situation, I was still not sure if the enemy had already known of this result!

“Leader, Liu Kesheng’s fleet didn’t attack the enemy, instead, they joined Liu Lei’s fleet. I don’t know what the hell is going on!” A man reported to the mysterious person.

“Humph, I know it already, you don’t have to tell me.” The mysterious person snorted coldly and said, “A bunch of wastrels! Liu Lei, you must be very happy now, right? Thinking that you have everything under control, right? But see how you are going to cry in a while!”

“Leader, we…” the man asked with some hesitation.

“Let’s go out together. Hahaha, I really can’t wait anymore!” The mysterious person said with a smile.

The smooth ground suddenly split open, and a man wearing a bamboo hat with his body entirely covered in dark clothes walked out!

You finally appeared! I was relieved. You mysterious fellow, let me see your true face today! However, I still admired his courage. Even in front of so many warships, he dared come out alone!

“Liu Lei, just come out! There’s no need to put up an unnecessary struggle!” The mysterious man laughed wildly, “Do you think you are big just because you have so many warships?”

I felt a little strange. Was this guy crazy? How could he be so fearless? Did he believe I won’t do anything to him just because he was holding Chen Wei’er as a hostage?

Without waiting for my reply, the mysterious person continued speaking, “Don’t think I just came out to instigate you into action. Haha, looking at it now, can you even use those warships for battle? Let me tell you, those warships are nothing but a heap of trash now!”

The mysterious person’s voice had undergone processing, so I couldn’t distinguish who it was. But what I could affirm was this guy was not the person behind the scenes! By now, I had already affirmed who the person actually behind the scenes was!

“Chen Yong, you disappoint me!” I walked down from the commander’s ship, followed by Du Xiaowei and Xu Qingwei. Liu Kesheng also walked down from his warship.

Liu Kesheng was feeling very strange right now. How come he had suddenly lost control of his warships? But after listening to the mysterious man’s words, he couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat. He never expected the mysterious person to have such a trump card in hand!

“Hehe, so have you guessed my identity?” The mysterious person looked at me and sneered.

“Aren’t you? Should I call you brother-in-law or Chen Yong? Or Mysterious Fellow?” I looked at the guy in front of me and shook my head.

“Hehe, your choice. But, how are you so sure?” The voice of the mysterious person had undergone some processing, so his laughter was very irritable.

“It isn’t an issue of being sure. I had already known of your existence. The reason you brought Liu Kesheng to light was to confuse me, right? To make me think he is the mastermind behind the scenes?” I asked lightly.

“Humph, Liu Kesheng was just a chess piece. Of course, a chess piece that has lost its purpose is nothing more than an abandoned child! I already knew this guy had defected to your side, so I already prepared for it. Now, within this area, no technological products will work!” The mysterious person said.

“It doesn’t matter. Even without all this, I can still beat you!” I looked at the mysterious man before me and said confidently.

“Is that so? Hehehe…” The mysterious man asked.

“Alright, Chen Yong, no need to pretend anymore. Just take off those ugly clothes off already!” I waved my hand in disgust.

“Chen Yong? Do you think I am Chen Yong?” The mysterious man laughed again.

“Oh, are you not? Hehe, indeed, I wouldn’t have suspected it to be you, after all, you are Chen Wei’er’s brother! However, when you reached the top of power in the Three Rock Gang, I grew suspicious and used my Psychic Ability on you, but you had immunity to my powers! It was just like Liu Kesheng and the watch-type communicator he wore! That’s one reason! Second, the biggest giveaway to your identity is the fact that you kidnapped Chen Wei’er!” I spoke about my analysis.

“Because I kidnapped Chen Wei’er, you suspected that I am Chen Yong?” The mysterious person asked, “He is your brother-in-law!”

“Indeed, it is because of this. The reason you kidnapped Chen Wei’er is that Chen Wei’er is your little sister! That’s the only reason you would kidnap her! Otherwise, there are so many women around me, yet why would you choose Chen Wei’er?” I said, “Your purpose was clearly to not let Chen Wei’er get involved in the battle between us!”

“Pa! Pa! Pa!” The mysterious man clapped his hands, “That’s a very rich imagination! Good, I don’t mind letting you have a look! Bring them out!”

Soon, several black-clothed men brought two detained people out of the entrance on the ground!

I was shocked looking at the current scene! The ones being detained by the black-clothed people were Chen Yong and Chen Wei’er!

How could this happen? Did I make a mistake in my judgment? I turned my head back to look at Liu Kesheng and then looked at Xu Qingwei. With a forceful smile, I wondered just who this mysterious person was.

One clear thing was that it wasn’t Chen Yong! No wonder that guy said all those words just now!

I looked at the bitter expression on Chen Yong’s face and knew I misunderstood him. Chen Wei’er, on the other hand, seemed to not be waking up anytime soon as she was still asleep.

“Who are you?” I looked at the mysterious man and asked aloud.

V4C229 – Mysterious Person

Chen Wei’er sighed and pretended to be unknowingly touching the third button on her belt.

Far away in Japan, I suddenly received the message from Chen Wei’er in my mind and my heart calmed down a lot.

At least, this proved that nothing dangerous happened to her and she is in good condition. This meaning of the third button was what Chen Wei’er and I had agreed upon beforehand.

The first button indicated she was in a very dangerous situation. If she presses it, I would quickly know her position.

The second button indicated that she was now safe, but she hadn’t seen her brother.

The third button indicated that she was safe, but she had also seen her brother.

Now, it was the signal from the third button that was passed back. Was it really Chen Yong?

If it is Chen Yong, then he will certainly not bring harm to Chen Wei’er, but what exactly does he want to do? Does he want to deal with me, or just wants to bring Chen Wei’er away?

This time, though everything is calm on the surface, who knows what kind of conspiracy Chen Yong is plotting! Moreover, Liu Kesheng on Bright Flame World also gave me a very important piece of information, making me suspect that they all were from the same group!

I didn’t stay in Japan with Wang Shu but directly brought her back to China with me! Now is a very critical time, only when all of my women are together will I be able to rest assured! Otherwise, if something happened to one of them, I will not be able to look after all of them!

I told Wang Shu about some of my matters, and Wang Shu was very embarrassed to go back with me because of my shyness. But after I convinced her with a suitable reason, she readily agreed with joy.

Under my suggestion, the Wang Family’s company in Japan was disposed of and Wang Shu’s parents also returned to China with us!

The curtains to a dark battle slowly opened…


I actually perceived Chen Wei’er’s position to be on Bright Flame World! This confused me. Was my perception wrong? The way Liu Kesheng arrived on Bright Flame World, I understood it clearly. This guy getting there was a pure accident, but if other people wanted to go to Bright Flame World, it won’t be easy, let alone taking Chen Wei’er along!

What were these people plotting? For the first time, I had a feeling of emptiness. The matter had already reached this level, yet I didn’t even know who my enemies were, and what they wanted to do was something even more unknown to me!

I had thought that after Chen Wei’er was kidnapped, the enemies will use her as bait and contact me and tell their conditions. But even after three days, I couldn’t feel any danger around Chen Wei’er, nor had I received any call from anyone. It was like nothing had happened!

Just like how Chen Yong went missing without any follow-up news.

Perhaps, Chen Yong still cared about the sentiments between siblings and didn’t want to go too far when handling the matter of Chen Wei’er. But I could wait no more! If the matter kept on going like this, I might go insane!

Alright, since you people aren’t going to take the initiative to find me, I will go find you! Anyway, I will have to deal with you sooner or later, so there’s no difference if it happens now or sometime later! Perhaps, they were not ready to be enemies with me now, so now was the best time to destroy the enemy!

To be on the safe side, I asked Sun Sikong to survey Chen Wei’er’s position together with me. But it was a pity that there was some sort of barrier around Chen Wei’er, making him not receive any information!

I had replaced one of the buttons on Chen Wei’er’s clothes with a small tracking device with a positioning function beforehand, in order to know where she was taken!

I had never expected the enemy’s means and technology to be so advanced that they could even shield themselves from the latest technological products from Sun Sikong! It was great that I left myself a leeway and left some of my Spiritual Energy on another one of Chen Wei’er’s dress’s button, otherwise, I would have reached a dead end.

Fortunately, my spiritual powers seemed to transcend all technological products and weren’t limited by the shielding. Although I wondered why Chen Wei’er was now on Bright Flame World, I was sure that my ability wouldn’t go wrong.

As the matter stood, it was favorable for me to make a move! On Earth, I had always been low-key and dared not make a lot of spaceships appear in the sky, but I had no need to pay too much attention when on Bright Flame World! Alright then, we will just go to war and see who is stronger!

Du Xiaowei’s special mercenary forces had long been secretly transferred to Bright Flame World so they could familiarize themselves with Sun Sikong’s newly researched war spaceships and weapons. These people already had a strong ability to adapt, and were already very skilled by now.

All of my women had also been received at the Bright Flame World and were now protected in the Bright Flame Heavenly Temple! In addition to the safety devices from Sun Sikong, I also added a layer of spiritual enchantments to protect them!

In this fucked up place where the enemy also had high-end technological weapons, the only thing I could trust was my own spiritual power! Now, I really felt the benefits of these special powers! Brother Yama, I really love you!

What’s more, Zhao Yanyan’s spiritual powers were no less than my own. Although she hadn’t familiarized herself with her powers, it wouldn’t be a problem to protect my women!

After I arranged all of this, I headed southeast where Chen Wei’er was imprisoned!


“We have to implement the plan ahead of time!”

The mysterious person was sitting in an underground control center, constantly operating something, when a voice suddenly reached his ears.

This mysterious person, who was originally so powerful, immediately put on a respectful expression and said humbly, “Greetings, boss, what happened?”

“I didn’t expect Liu Lei to act ahead of time!” The voice complained, “This can also be blamed on you for kidnapping Chen Wei’er. Her life and death have nothing to do with you!”

“Boss, I am sorry!” The mysterious person slapped his own face, “But boss, I really can’t leave her like that. She… After all, she is…”

“Alright!” The voice interrupted, “I am not blaming you. You should just follow the original plan; you know what to do!”

“Yes, boss, I promise to complete the task!” The mysterious person assured loudly.

Once the call ended, the sound that made the mysterious person tremble thought aloud, “You think those weapons made by Sun Sikong are very fierce? Humph! Even in your dreams, you wouldn’t have thought that the weapons I researched and developed were even more fierce! Hahaha, let’s see how you are going to die this time! Motherfucker, I can’t bear it anymore, you have driven me beyond the limits of my forbearance!”


Today was doomed to be a day that would go down in the historical annals of the Bright Flame World! Perhaps, years later, there would he records of today’s magnificent war in the history textbooks!

Two thousand of Third-Generation Bright Flame Warships developed by Sun Sikong headed southeast together. However, in the air above, one couldn’t see any spectacular sight, because all the warships had a stealth function.

V4C228 – Puzzle

Wang Shu wasn’t stupid. After she thought about it, she understood that I must have used some forceful methods to deal with those people! Wang Shu already knew my identity, chairman of Shuguang Internation. For someone of my status, dealing with such a matter wouldn’t be a big deal!

“You are really bad!” Wang Shu said.

“I am bad? They made a mistake and made your family go bankrupt, yet I helped you take revenge. Now you say, who is bad?” I asked while not knowing whether I should laugh or cry.

“They are also bad!” Wang Shu said after thinking.

“…” I was speechless.

However, my relationship with Wang Shu suddenly got a lot closer, as if we had returned to that time on the beach a few months ago, where we were grilling barbecue on the beach while chatting and laughing relaxedly.


In the evening, just when I was preparing to tangle around with Wang Shu, my phone rang. I picked up the phone, went to the corner, and pressed the answer button.

“Boss, we have finally done what you asked for. The other party really did appear and kidnapped the mistress!” The person on the phone said.

“I know,” I replied and hung up the phone.

I sighed, ‘Wei’er, why do you use yourself as bait? Although I have left my special energy on your body and no one can hurt you, I am still worried about you!’

However, since Chen Wei’er was really kidnapped, it certainly proved that this matter was related to Chen Yong, right? However, Chen Yong and that man don’t have any relationship, so how could they work together? Also, who else was involved?

I thought about the people around me one by one, and couldn’t help but get lost in thought.


The matter was like this:

“Chen Wei’er!”

Chen Wei’er had just walked out of her mother’s food restaurant and was standing at the entrance of the food market near her home. Suddenly, she remembered the first time she had met that man.

The winter night, and the dress he gifted her. Chen Wei’er still cherished it and kept it in her closet. The dress might not appear to be very luxurious and was not worth much, but Chen Wei’er still loved to wear it. [TL Note: Liu Lei bought a dress for Chen Wei’er when he first went to her home. Volume 1 Chapter 85 – Volume 1 Chapter 90. You can read them on Re:Library.]

It was a kind of memento to commemorate her own love, her happiness.

Who would have thought that the little girl who sold Mala Tang would one day become an extravagant wife who was followed by bodyguards whenever she went out. Chen Wei’er felt emotional for a while. That man, except for his fickleness he had no shortcoming. And unexpectedly, she could accept his fickleness!

Maybe, it was because she was a latecomer? Chen Wei’er felt very grateful to Zhao Yanyan for accepting her. Therefore, so long as Zhao Yanyan had no issue with my fickle heart, she, too, would be able to face it calmly.

Today, Chen Wei’er had especially cast off her bodyguards and arrived at her mother’s hotel. Her goal was naturally to inquire about what her brother, Chen Yong, was up to!

After not receiving any news regarding her brother for half a month, Chen Wei’er was very worried! She was afraid her brother was the person hiding behind the scene plotting to do something destructive. She was afraid she won’t be able to face him when they came face to face!

Due to this, her mother’s answer made Chen Wei’er feel very disappointed. Her mother had not seen Chen Yong for a long time!

In her disappointment, Chen Wei’er walked out of the hotel and stood at the entrance of the food market.

Suddenly, someone shouted her name, making Chen Wei’er quickly turn around.

“Xiaoyu, it’s you! How come you are here?” Chen Wei’er was surprised to find out that the person who called her was actually Xiaoyu who used to sell popsicles near her family’s Mala Tang stall.

“Oh, I am selling popsicles!” Xiaoyu pointed at the popsicle box on his back, “My previous position was taken by someone, so I can only go around to sell now!”

“The previous position?” Chen Wei’er was startled. Right, her family had stopped setting up a stall a long time ago, so she didn’t know what happened to the previous position.

“Yes. After your family left, the place was occupied by a bunch of kebab sellers from other places. A girl like me could obviously not fight for that place, and you also know I wanted to leave that place for a long time!” Xiaoyu said.

“It turned out to be like this! How have you been? Were there any people bullying you?” Chen Wei’er suddenly remembered that she and Xiaoyu were the most beautiful girls in the market. Although she wasn’t the most beautiful, she was still a youthful beauty. The two of them were frequently harassed by the local delinquents.

“There were none…” Xiaoyu replied with an unnatural expression, but her expression immediately returned to normal as she said, “Wei’er, how come you are here?”

“Oh. I was just passing by and started reminiscing the past,” Chen Wei’er sighed.

“Hehe, that’s right. Wei’er, I have some popsicles here, you should have some!” Saying this, Xiaoyu took out a popsicle from the popsicle box and handed it to Chen Wei’er.

“Ah? There’s no need, I don’t want to eat…” Chen Wei’er quickly refused.

“Why? I have heard you, Wei’er, found a very rich boyfriend. Could it be that you are now looking down at your former friends now?” Xiaoyu said with an angry expression, “Is it because you think this popsicle isn’t worth anything in your eyes?”

“I… That’s not it!” Chen Wei’er shook her head, “Alright, I will eat it!”

“That’s the way!” Xiaoyu handed the popsicle to Chen Wei’er.

Chen Wei’er took the popsicle, tore open the wrapper, and took a bite.

“Hey, how much are you selling the popsicle for?” A passerby, who was doing some grocery shopping, asked when he saw Xiaoyu’s popsicle box.

“They are all sold out!” Xiaoyu directly replied.

“Sold out? Xiaoyu, aren’t there more in your box…” Chen Wei’er had just seen a lot of popsicles in the box, so how come they were all sold out so suddenly? But before she could finish her words, Chen Wei’er fell to the side.

Xiaoyu immediately supported Chen Wei’er. Seeing that the passerby hadn’t left and was watching the fun, she berated him, “Look what happened, my friend has fainted. I must immediately send her to the hospital!”

That passerby didn’t want to get involved in other people’s business, so he immediately left after looking at Chen Wei’er.

Xiaoyu turned her head and made a gesture towards a van parked not far away. The van slowly came forward and stopped by Xiaoyu’s side.

The van’s door opened and two men got down. With one on the left and the other on the right, they picked up Chen Wei’er and placed her in the van. Xiaoyu also boarded the van, and the van then left slowly.


“Elder Brother, it really is you!” After Chen Wei’er woke up, she saw herself in an unfamiliar environment with her brother, Chen Yong, standing nearby!

“You keep on sleeping!” A handkerchief was placed on Chen Wei’er’s face, making Chen Wei’er fall asleep again.

“Xiaoyu, you did a good job. Elder Brother has not loved you in vain!” The man said with an obscene smile.

“Aiya, I am already yours, so what can’t I do for you!” Xiaoyu said with a grunt, “Let me say it again, everything I do to help Elder Brother, isn’t it for our future?”

“Hahaha!” The man started to laugh, “Good! Soon, Elder Brother will become the master of that Bright Flame World! When the time comes, let’s unify the world together!”


When Chen Wei’er woke up again, Chen Yong had already disappeared, and she was sitting in the empty room, alone.

Was everything really done by Elder Brother? Chen Wei’er couldn’t believe the fact that she saw a moment ago, she wanted to believe that it was all just a dream!

However, thinking back to the scene, she could determine that the person really was her Elder Brother!

V4C227 – Who Is That Person

As the matter stood, Wang Shu could definitely not tell the man who that person was! Who knows what this man wanted to do; what if he found him and wanted to kill him?!

“I am just asking casually,” I also realized my tone wasn’t right, so I quickly recovered my original voice.

“I won’t tell you,” Wang Shu said, “You don’t need to know.”

“Is he also Chinese?” I continued to ask.

“So what if he is? I will still not tell you who he is!” Wang Shu said firmly.

“Oh? Tell me who he is!” I lowered my tone.

“No!” Wang Shu shook her head, “He has nothing to do with you, and I don’t even know if he likes me or not, so you don’t have to know so much!”

“Don’t you want me to help you?” I asked.

“I want, but why do you have to know so many of my matters?” Wang Shu also asked.

“Because I want my woman’s heart to be with me, not thinking about someone else!” I said faintly.

“You…” Before Wang Shu could say anything, I calmly placed the newspaper on the table in front of me.

“How come it is you!” Wang Shu exclaimed. She couldn’t help but reveal a surprised expression on her face.

“Why can’t it be me?” I smiled and stood up, “I also want to know, is the person you said you liked, me?”

“No!” Wang Shu suddenly said with anger, “You thought doing this would be fun?”

“What?” I was stunned. She was calm just a moment ago, so why did she get so angered in the next moment? That old saying was indeed true: “A woman’s mood flips faster than the pages of a book!”

“Wang Shu, what happened? Are you not happy?”

“Happy? Humph, pretending to be a bigshot who bought me — using your money to trample on my self-respect — you must have thought it would be amusing?” Tears flowed down Wang Shu’s face as she spoke, “Do you know how I have been living these days? I was in so much pain, was being forced to do things I didn’t want to do! Do you know how much determination I had to gather before I walked into this room?”

I understood that I had gone too far while playing around, so I immediately went over to hug Wang Shu, but Wang Shu pushed me away and said, “Do you like to play tricks on people? Do you like to see me lose all face? Did seeing my pained appearance make you happy? I was just thinking about you in my heart, but here you are playing tricks on me!”

“Wang Shu… I didn’t mean that…” I quickly went towards her and said, “Actually, I also wanted to know if you had me in your heart, so I didn’t dare to rashly come before you!”

Listening to my words, Wang Shu’s face turned red, but soon she showed an indignant expression and said, “All of you men are like this! Selfish! Will I only matter if I have you in my heart? So long as you had me in your heart, couldn’t you fight for a place in mine, ah? Now that you have made me say it on my own initiative, you must be feeling very smug?”

“I… Alright, Wang Shu, my Little Shu, don’t be angry… It was all my fault. Next time, I will certainly take the initiative to win you over!” I immediately hugged Wang Shu. Fortunately, she didn’t try to push me away this time.

“Humph! So there’s still going to be another time? You are just uttering flowery words!” Wang Shu said with anger.

“Do you want to skip falling in love and directly get married? Is this how youngsters do things nowadays?” I said, “Isn’t there a book called <<Let’s Fall In Love Again, Wife!>>?”

“What! What nonsense are you spouting!” Wang Shu rolled her eyes at me, but her expression became gentle, “This time, was it you who helped me?”

“Eh, of course, it was me. Since you encountered trouble, how could I not come to your side!” I said.

“How much did it cost?” Wang Shu asked with some hesitation. She wanted to know how much I spent for her. If there was a chance in the future, she will pay me back.

“Why are you asking? You want to pay me back?” I asked.

“I can’t afford it now, but I will have money later,” Wang Shu said.

“I didn’t do it to buy you, it was something I ought to do!” I said with a smile.

“That’s not good. Principles are principles. I don’t want our relationship to be entangled with money!” Wang Shu shook her head.

“Alright, I will calculate it for you!” Saying this, I closed my eyes and started to mumble, pretending to be calculating the expenses.

Wang Shu’s had a nervous expression. She was a very strong woman, so even if the other person was her lover, she didn’t hope for him to lose money because of her matters. That was why she wanted to return me the money I spent for her. But even though she had decided to pay the money back, her heart was beating like a drum. Just how much money was it that I was taking such a long time to calculate!

“Have you calculated?” Looking at me not saying anything for such a long time, Wang Shu couldn’t help but ask.

“Em, it’s not that easy to calculate. There were 5 companies involved, after all.” I said.

“5? Humph, it really is them! I knew it!” Wang Shu said angrily.

“Yeah, that’s why I have to carefully calculate how much money it cost,” I put on appearances and shook my head, finally extending five fingers.

“500 million?” Wang Shu yelled, “So much!”

I shook my head and put my right hand with the five fingers next to the left hand that I made into a fist.

“5 Billion?!” Wang Shu was shocked and said, “How is it possible? You aren’t tricking me, right?”

“It’s really 5 Billion, I am not lying to you!” I shook my head and said innocently.

“Impossible! How can it be so much? You are lying again. Tell me, are you taking this opportunity to scam me?” Wang Shu pointed at me.

“Scam? Do you have so much money?” I asked.

“I don’t,” Wang Shu shook her head, “But how could it be so much? You wouldn’t have been taken advantage of as a fat sheep, right?”

“No. With 1 Billion for each, there are 5 Billion for 5 of them. I have counted it many times!” I laughed.

“1 Billion? Did you make some sort of mistake? How is it possible? You must be deceiving me!” Wang Shu said, “My family only owed 300 something million. Even if we add the interest, it wouldn’t be this much!”

“Hehe, it’s really this much, you will know when I give them to you!” I said to Wang Shu while blinking, smiling at her strangely.

“Give me? What would you give me?” Wang Shu asked, feeling strange.

“Money! Are you still not clear? I had been prepared to secretly give it to you, but who would have thought my plans would be seen through by you!” I said while pretending to smile bitterly.

“Give me money? Why would you give me money? Why can’t I understand what you are saying?” Wang Shu looked at me with a bewildered expression.

“Didn’t I say a moment ago, 5 Billion!” I said.

“5 Billion? Give me? Why give me?” Wang Shu still didn’t understand.

“Each of them gave me 1 Billion, so there are altogether 5 Billion. Since it was money given for the losses you suffered, I obviously have to give it to you!” I said with a smile.

“They gave you money? Wasn’t it us who owed them money?” Wang Shu looked at me, stupefied.

“They have to pay for their mistakes,” I said faintly.

V4C226 – Playing Tricks On Wang Shu

So Heng Lujing Ba could not give up and could only continue giving his speech, “Miss Wang, I am telling the truth. In fact, that person who wants to help you is also a Chinese, and he has seen you before!”

“Chinese? He has seen me before?” Wang Shu was dumbfounded. Was it some University student? However, the University students she remembered didn’t seem to be so rich… Who could that be?

Could it be him? In Wang Shu’s mind, the shadow of a person appeared, together with the memories shared between the two people.

‘It was impossible.’ Wang Shu shook her head. The two of them had no contact for a long time, so how was it possible for him to help her in her most critical time?

Besides, with his style, could those who forced his people like this even live in this world? Wang Shu thought of her uncle’s fate. Although she didn’t approve of my violent methods, she didn’t have much objection towards them.

So what Wang Shu thought was that if it was really me, then these people who forced her, how would they be still alive?

“Who is it? Can you bring me to see him?” Wang Shu was also a bit interested, so she started to gradually believe Heng Lujing Ba’s words!

“Alright! But first, you must make your choice. Are you going to comply or not?” Heng Lujing Ba said, “That bigshot is a very busy person and won’t stay here for long, so you must make your choice as soon as possible!”

“Do I have a third choice?” Wang Shu asked with some hesitation.

“No! You only have these two choices!” Heng Lujing Ba affirmed.

“Alright, I will follow you,” Wang Shu helplessly shook her head and followed Heng Lujing Ba.

Wang Shu left the room with Heng Lujing Ba. Soon, she discovered that it wasn’t the place she had been staying in, instead, it was a completely different environment! Did someone bring her here when she was asleep?

It was also a coincidence that the layout of rooms in Japanese offices was quite similar, and the room Wang Shu was staying in was also quite similar to the one she was in before. After Wang Shu woke up, she didn’t have the mood to look at small details, so she had mistakenly thought she was still in the same room. Only when she left the room did she feel everything was different! The pattern of the corridor was completely different, so Wang Shu asked doubtfully, “Where is this place? Who are you? Why am I here?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am, nor does it matter where this place is! What matters is that you will understand everything when you see that person in a while!” Heng Lujing Ba said.

Wang Shu nodded after listening to him, no longer asking anything. As now, she no longer had another choice and could only walk ahead step by step!

Arriving at the entrance of a room, Heng Lujing Ba stopped and pointed towards the door of the room and said, “It’s here, you can go in!”

“Here? By myself?” Wang Shu was stunned and asked somewhat suspiciously, “You wouldn’t be deceiving me again, right?”

“What do you think I will gain by lying to you? You are already in our hands, so we can easily force you to do something you don’t want to do. I don’t need to deceive you, right?” Heng Lujing Ba said with a smile and shook his head.

Wang Shu thought about what he said and realized that there was nothing wrong with what Heng Lujing Ba said. So she took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

The door wasn’t locked, so under Wang Shu’s knocking, it opened by itself.

“You don’t have to knock, you can directly go inside,” Heng Lujing Ba reminded her.

“Oh!” Wang Shu nodded. Gritting her teeth, she finally took the most helpless step in her life and entered the room.

She could see a neat office with a young man sitting behind the desk on the boss’s chair, holding a newspaper in his hands!

To be exact, Wang Shu didn’t know the age of the man. The reason she thought he was a young man was that there didn’t seem to be any wrinkles on the revealed hands, and his casual wear was also very fashionable!

“Hello… I…” Wang Shu didn’t know what to say. The didn’t seem to have noticed her as he continued reading the newspaper in his hand.

“Sit down,” I deliberately lowered my voice and pointed my finger towards the sofa at one side of the office. Still, I didn’t let go of the newspaper with my other hand.

“Hm…” Wang Shu walked towards the sofa while sweating and carefully sat down. She didn’t dare to sit down completely, and only half of her butt was on the sofa, while the other half was left hanging. Her waist was straight and her body was tight, not daring to relax.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked.

“Eh?” Wang Shu was stunned. She hadn’t thought I would ask this question. After hesitating a bit, she said, “No!”

“Oh. So, is there someone you like?” I continued to ask. My voice was still as serious as before, but my heart was very nervous. I had to determine Wang Shu’s feelings for me. Otherwise, I won’t be very comfortable getting a woman who had no feelings for me and was only with me to repay her debt.

“Is there someone you like?” Although there was a newspaper in front of me, I could still see Wang Shu’s expression through it using my abilities.

“I…” Wang Shu didn’t understand what the man in front of her was trying to do. Was he trying to test her? However, Wang Shu wasn’t prepared to deceive the person in front of her.

Wang Shu was a very principled woman. Even though she was under someone else’s control, she wanted to let the person in front of her understand that even if he was able to obtain her body, he wouldn’t be able to obtain her heart! Otherwise, if she deceived him now and he found out in the future that she was pining for someone else, it wouldn’t be good for anyone. It was better to make it clear beforehand!

But did she really like that person? Wang Shu was somewhat absentminded. When a hero rescues a beauty, coming for her in her most dangerous time, and saves her, the beauty usually falls in love with the hero.

It was a dilemma for her. Since he helped her in her most vulnerable time, did she fall in love with him? Maybe, she did! At least, she really liked the feeling of being with him. That kind of tacit understanding and those ambiguous moments.

But all of that was just a thing of the past, where was that person now? Will he also think about her sometimes? Since she had such difficulty this time, would he also come to save her?

Thinking ’till here, Wang Shu shook her head and mocked herself. How could there be such coincidences in this world? Perhaps, she was just a floating traveler in his life. Maybe, from the moment he left, they were doomed to never see each other again.

Did she still like him? Yes, she did. Wang Shu had to admit that whenever she thought of him, her calm heart would start to beat frenziedly.

Thinking of this, Wang Shu nodded affirmatively, “Yes, I have.”

Does she really have someone? Is it me? Although I was confident enough, I was still very nervous, “Oh? Who is he?”

“What do you want to do!” Wang Shu was suddenly shocked by me! Because I was too excited to know, the tone of my voice suddenly changed a bit. Wang Shu thought that I was angry when I heard she liked someone!